The rolling stones

I see on You Tube there is questions and answers page with The rolling Stones. Now me being 57 years of age. The Rolling stones and I go back a very long way. Right back to the beginning. With there first single come on. I think for me, they were a singles band. Always had a decent B side to be found to I might add. But my liking for this band petard out at the single Tumbling dice. For me it was all down hill after that. Sorry its just my personal opinion. I do appreciate they span several age groups. For example a friend of mine of 38 likes them from start me up to the present day. So its each to his or her own.

If I could ask the lads a couple of serious questions and know that they would answer me. My questions would be about their first album. Its their only album to me. I Love the choice of material I love the playing. The band was very hungry then and very tight . Love playing route 66/ mona and I'm a King Bee and Carol.

I watched a couple of musical express award concert videos from 1964 on You tube. Was quite impressed They sounded not to bad live. But my problem starts when I hear and watch them now via you tube live performances I hate it. I think if the guys got on stage and just broke wind for an hour people pay to see it.

My first question would be to them. I would love to take them back to that first album and say "can you still play like that". What do you think the honest answer would be? I actually thought as musicians matured so there playing got better. Do you think it a bit like marriage. Starts of wonderful peeks and then gets complacent?

My second question would be about how long they going to carry on. Bill wyman who left the band some time ago is 65 this year. Imagine they go on another Ten years. Will the final tour be the Zimmer frame tour. Can you imagine this gang of 65- 70 year olds starting lip perching singing start me up , I cant get no satisfaction. its all over now . Another thought goes through my mind in these days of equal opportunity, if they were women wouldn't they look ridiculous.
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You know, I never much listened to Rolling Stones, but I think it's the same for every band. The first couple albums, and tours are real tight. They're at their peak performance. But like anything, including marriage to quote your example, things degrade after time. Some bands don't get bad, they just get different. Some bands do get better. Rough start and all that. But Rolling stones, from what music I've heard, they were their best at the start. Now, they're kinda 'oh hey, that's good music, but I've heard it all before'.


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Smelnick, obviously you haven't listened to much of the Stones.

Otherwise known as THE. GREATEST. BAND. EVER.