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The Rollercoaster Database


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Roller Coaster DataBase

This place is great for researching theme parks you might want to visit. I can get on here for hours at a time. You can see defunct parks, current state of roller coasters, see how a certain coaster has moved around, and even tell if they have your favorite old coaster in storage.

I highly recommend everyone check it out.


Thanks for the site Steve. I'm addicted to theme parks and rollercoasters and have been enjoying looking through all of these. I also love watching point of view video filmed on rollercoasters.

What's the best ride you've ever been on?


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Wow, I have never seen that website before. Kind of shocking considering how much I love roller coasters (they're one of my favorite ways to get thrills).

I haven't been to an amusement park in a while, but I'll definitely be using this to explore various parks whenever I get around to scheduling a trip with my friends.

I was happy to see that my local favorite is actually on this site. Mind Eraser - Elitch Gardens (Denver, Colorado, USA)


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Seems like it would be a great resource for looking up coasters and theme parks.

I used to really love that stuff. I had a season pass to Six Flags for a couple years back when I was in like 7th and 8th grade and I would go probably 6-8 times a year at least. I haven't been back there since I was a junior in high school, like 15 years ago. I really miss it, but I have nobody to go with anymore.


Sally Twit
Ew, the word itself terrifies me. I have never been on one and I never will. From a young age I used to remember feeling sick when I looked up and listened to all the screams. You hear stories of people vomiting while they're actually on them as well. No thanks.