The rise of a 3rd Party

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Ewokjedi, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. Ewokjedi

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    Lets face it, Americans are fed up with Democrats and Republicans. Americans do not want someone more dedicated to their party then to the nation. I beleive due to this reason that when a stable multi-issue party forms many people will be drawn to this. There may also be a rift in the parties such as in the Democrats those concerned about workers rights splitting with those who support illegal immigrants or in the Republicans the neo-conservative base splitting apart from the traditional fiscal Republicans.


  2. Major

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    Never going to happen. The Republicans and Democrats are far too powerful, and the average person doesn't have the balls to vote for change.
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  3. Merc

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    Sums up all that I was going to say.
  4. Malificus

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    pretty much what they said.

    But America doesn't need a third party as much as it needs to stop having parties. If a person has a stance, let them have a stance of their own, rather than folllowing a party because they're with it. |:
  5. Mirage

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    Maybe they will just decide to call it quits one day. I can see that happening. :)

    The ONLY way a third party would have a chance would be if a current party has a major split. A completely new party couldn't catch up to the Republicans and Democrats.
  6. Jeanie

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    Sad but true. Personally I'd love to see the Democratic Socialist party gain some following. I wish people would wake up and realize that niether the Democrats nor the Republicans care about them as much as they care about pleasing lobbyists and Big Business.
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  7. CMK_Eagle

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    I think the conditions are right for a new party to emerge if one of the current parties doesn't make a significant move back towards the center. It's certainly happened before in the US, and I see no reason to expect it won't happen again.
  8. pro2A

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    I think both parties are more to the left then they used to be. Look at our founding fathers (extreme right) then look at Karl Marx (extreme left) then look at Obama and McCain... and you'll see why I think both parties have shifted to the left more then anything. The Republican party is closer to what are founders believed, but just because they are more what the center used to be, and John McCain is going to drag our party down to the left :shifteyes:
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  9. ExpectantlyIronic

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    Those who are fed up with the Dems and Repubs don't agree with one another, so that makes forming a popular third-party difficult. Folks just aren't all fed up for the same reasons, and insofar as they are, they have different ideas about what the solutions to our problems are. Will those who vote Libertarian form a coalition with Socialist voters? Probably not (and if they did, the party would end up with the platform of the Democrats).

    We do, despite popular belief, have an amazing range of choice as compared to many other nations. Look at the recent primaries. From Kucinich to Paul, it was clear that all politicians aren't cut from the same mold. That said, candidates who are unwilling to compromise, like those aforementioned individuals, simply do not do well. Voters may admire their principles, but consider their rigidity to make them politically impotent, as it does for the most part.

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  10. nanite1018

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    The rise of a third party is possible in the US. This probably won't happen in this election, simply because no one has the ability to forge a third party this go round. Perhaps, if things go badly in the next 4 years, and Washington doesn't clean up its act in terms of corruption, a third party or Independent candidate may once more be viable. A third party is at the very least possible in the United States if only because its happened before (remember, the Republicans were the third party in the 1856 election). I hope for an Independent or third party candidate, but whether it'll happen soon or not is something which I simply cannot predict.

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