The Resurrectionist, James Bradley


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I have just finished reading this book, I thought it was ok myself, very dark and quite disturbing in some parts. The part of the book that made me nearly put it down was when the young boy was killing the cat, it was very descriptive and brutal and I was very upset by reading it especially as the cat in the story was ginger as 3 of my cats are and it upset me. I started hating the character Gabriel after that as in the book he quite enjoyed watching the torture of the poor cat and in the end I just didn't care about him. The other characters were really quite forgettable and I forgot who most of them where when they kept popping back up in the book. I got completely confused in the last part of the book as all of a sudden Gabriel is in Australia and I thought he had died, very annoying! But I do enjoy reading historical fiction and I really enjoyed the descriptions of 1800's London and the whole atmosphere. Really that was the only part of the book that I enjoyed and also the writing style. I think I would give this book 2.5 out of 5.

Have any of you guy's read it yet?