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The religious states of America


Free Spirit
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Here's something I thought everyone would find interesting. Its maps that breakdown what states are practicing what religion. Not only Christianity but Hindu, Muslim and those that are not affiliated with any religion, which seems to be growing in numbers. It also breaks it down along ethnic lines.

More and more people are claiming no religious affiliation. Actually it is becoming the most selected in 13 states. The percentage of people claiming no affiliation rivals the amount of people claiming to be Catholics. I don't know if this means people are turning away from religion or just don't belong to any church and prefer to worship in their own way.

The religious states of America, in 22 maps - The Washington Post

Are you religious? What religion? Thoughts?
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Some religious people in this country probably won't like the fact that other religions are growing in numbers. But ultimately, I think diversity is not only beneficial, but necessary for our society's progression.


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No doubt the numerous scandals have dented people's prior respect and reverence for Orthodox religion.

Plus, this is the age of knowledge and enlightenment. People are exploring different avenues of spirituality.

The old menace of 'Our way or Hell' has gone flat. People are increasingly aware of the immortality of spirit and the continuity of life; and understanding - and seeking to follow - the realities of these truths.


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I think with the Catholic church being the astounding mess that it is, it's not surprising people are choosing to define their faith on their own. I think religion also doesn't play as big a role as it used to which in my mind anyways, is not a big deal.

I'm sure it will horrify others, however.