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The Refrigerator


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What is on the front of your fridge door? Magnets? Your child's paintings? Calendar?


yellow 4!
The main fridge here has a wooden front and it's meant to blend in with the cupboards, so there is nothing on that one.

We have some other random retro fridge though which is magnetic and has a few strange things. I was actually just on my way downstairs to visit it when I saw this thread so I took a pic. Sorry it's big.

The reason my name is there in magnets is because my parents love me more than my brother.......
The worm above that is some pot thing I painted 15,612 years ago.
Rest is just random accumulated crap!


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Nothing, because our refrigerator is nonmagnetic.
Well, you can still use a tiny little piece of tape and put a pretty paper on it or sumpin :lol:


still nobody's bitch
A dry erase calendar, fun magnets, pictures of the girls (Delaney and her older sister), a picture of their great aunt holding her first grandchild, and Delaney's drawings and paintings.


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Not much at the moment, a few magnets and a couple of awards that the kids have won at school.

Normally there would be more pictures decorating the front but we had clear them when I moved the fridge and they never got put back on.


I have nothing on my fridge. I like to keep it as clean as possible. It feels like these magnetic stuff create a real mess.


Here is my fridge, as you can see just a few old childhood drawings and some photos of friends and family.



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Mine has some drawings from the grandbabies. And quite a few magnets. I'm not a fan of a cluttered fridge door, but when a child hands you a drawing they made, what ya gonna do? And most of my magnets are a Pepsi slogan or some gift I received or something from the mountains. It's pretty busy on the front.


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On the fridge there is a doctor's business card magnet, a few photos of myself and the siblings and bills that need to be paid, reminders from the parents to me.