The Reason I Came Here


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I register at many sites; I am a retired teacher-writer and use the internet for much writing. Thanking you.-Ron Price, Tasmania:cool:


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I'm here for the naked women! :lol: Oops wrong forum.. :D

I'm here to have a good time and forget that I am stuck in the middle of the flipping woods till summer..

Come on summer...Surfer's got a new board!


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I am here, dunno. Cause I don't have nothing to do, well, school's started, so I'll be short of activity.


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I am here on these forums because I enjoyed posting on Fusion Central so I knew when the forums were going to get merged together, I knew that it will still be an interesting forum, so that's why I post at these forums.

The members are also amazing at these forums.


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I'm here because I like talking to people, even though I already talk to a lot of people... I also just like posting and taking part in conversations with other people.