The Real World and The Revolution.

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Irishone21, May 15, 2007.

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    As we all realize, we are approaching a time when our lifestyles are put into question. Concerns on how to deal with terrorism, global warming, the dichotomy of the rich and the poor, in addition to the dichotomy of the brainwashed and the individualist must be placed on all agendas. The question is how are we going to do it, without a fascist state of mind. The answer is, communication.

    It is best to kill two birds with one stone, therefore, we must find a solution that does this. The answer is; make America less of a car demanding, capitalist run society. In doing this, we pay Americans for living the family life. Pay them to get to know their towns. Pay them to unite. This is called communism. However, one thing must be put in question. Inhertance. Inheritance must not be changed, as if the passions to these people, sworn in by word to defend their family name and land, is disrupted, then the country will break out in civil war. Therefore, we must keep the essential business' up and running, but those who work where they are not needed, should be laid off, and paid to do nothing except get to know their hometown. This solution will resolve global warming, as people will drive significantly less, plus it will merge the dichotomy of the rich and the poor.

    When it comes to terrorism, an issue separate from domestic affairs, we must apply a different approach. To combat terrorism, the entire government must be revamped with new faces, to whom advocate both the Bible and the Koran. These people are to comprise the most benevolent spirits in America. They shouldn't be to caught up in politics, for only simplicity will be able to make sense of a war that is seemingly filled with complexities. These people will not use military force to combat terrorism. Forces will be conservatively placed, only where needed. Defense will be the main agenda for military. Peace-making, as oppose to democracy push, will be the main issue on diplomacy.

    When it comes to the dichotomy of the ignorant and enlightened, education will teach current affairs more often. Teachers will tend to individual students more often, for one on one talks is often more helpful then listening to a teacher push his opinions on how something should be learnt.

    These solutions must be put in effect before it is too late. This is the "real" Revolution.

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    Uniting never created jobs, competition creates jobs, and makes the job market strong. Communism is inflexible imo. Why shouldn't a computer tech be paid more than the garbage man. Is it not ok to assume that the computer techis paid with the assumption that they perhaps may have student loans to repay?
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    If you have ever read Machiavelli you would know, "The easier the job, the harder the task." To liberate the people, we need to raise minimum wage, and/or pay people to unite with their hometowns. This will remedy both global warming and the dichotomy of the rich and the poor, and possibly even the dichotomy of the ignorant and enlightened if we added in there an honest government. Plus, when people have more free time, they will be inspired to use their minds, as their bodies won't be exhausted from being over-worked. I'm not suggesting we pay anyone less, so this would not affect the computer tech guy. In the age of Revelation, competition must be limited, as unity is the most important thing. As time goes on, you will understand that what I'm suggesting is a solution.

    Do bots talk on these forums? Are people who think "out of bounds" actually targeted, isolated, and derided by the government, and/or law firms? Do mind controll affiliates experiment on humans? Does MIT have ways of getting information on someones childhood, or is this privilege limited to only the government? I asked this, because during a period, I was a victim of mind control where people knew all about my past... I couldn't figure out if it was the government, or MIT or someone else. They also used their tactics on my brother, and he almost killed himself as a result. They knew nicknames, old friends, and anything else there is to know. It even got to the extent of them messing with messages that people will send me, in addition intercepting emails that I would send.

    How do my blog views go up, if my profile views stay the same?
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    Its only mind control if you submit to it. But you have to be able to identify where most modern concepts of mind control come from, and then you can deal with it more effectively. Although it didn't originate with them, the Nazis used the modern mind control techniques to help garner support. They would rephrase certain things, restait things, give visual images. State stuff in a way so that you'd notice it, and once you noticed it they would have an increasingly more mainstream sounding message. I was lucky, I studied WW2 front and back, an so whenever someone tries to manipulate me, depending on there background I know what they are doing and counter it.

    I don't think its a government conspiracy, its just something humans do to each other, and certain techniques have been passed along, through professors, and the like.

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