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Religion The Real War On Women


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Free Spirit
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I've read about this, its sick. The things they think they are entitled to. I would hate to have to live in Iraq or Syria with those monsters controlling so much. I feel sorry for anyone captured by them.

We need to do all we can to help the Kurds. They seem to be giving them the best fight. Really don't hear much about Iraqi forces.


Religion of peace. Yeah right, GWB.
Well when you take into account that Infidels aren't people and women are property then once all the infidels are gone you have a religion which will allow the peaceful use of property. If we want them to change their way of life then offer a trade. They give us their women and we give them those artificial vagina thingies. They can abuse those all they want and it wouldn't impact Western sensitivities whatsoever. It wouldn't solve the infidel problem, but at least the women would be safe.

- Cham