The Real Reason Sheamus Didn't Appear On RAW - Injured


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Partial Source: The [COLOR=#003399 !important][COLOR=#003399 !important]Wrestling[/COLOR][/COLOR] Observer Newsletter
According to various reports, Sheamus suffered a concussion at Sunday night's Elimination Chamber PPV and was not at RAW last night in Indianapolis as a result. We're told the original main event for RAW was to be John Cena vs. Sheamus where the winner would get the title shot at [COLOR=#003399 !important][COLOR=#003399 !important]WrestleMania[/COLOR][/COLOR]

, but was later changed. They also kept Triple H off RAW as he's scheduled to face Sheamus at 'Mania so it would have made no sense to have him on the show. For those who read our off-air notes, you know that Triple H appeared after the show went off the air.
The Real Reason Sheamus Didn't Appear On RAW - Injured -

I was curious to why he wasn't on Raw I got my answer. Hopefully he comes back because him and HHH going at it at Mania would be great.


Sultan of Swat
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I think it's only pre-caution and they don't want him to make it worst by having him wrestle. I think it's pretty obvious that it will be HHH vs Sheamus at Mania and it's a good money maker for the WWE, so their not taking any chances with Sheamus right now.