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The real 007


Registered Member
I noticed Andrew posted GoldenEye High, and I found a different video. You may of seen this. It's short, but at least they remembered to include the guns in first person perspective.. lol

YouTube - The real 007


Secret Agent
Staff member
That was pretty good.. a little more "rampant" than the other one though. At least the other one was based off a mission. I doubt this one would be allowed in a school project since it seems like the "player" is simply taking out innocent shoppers.

Still was nice to see they got the first person view of the guns in there. :)


Well-Known Member
Ha this was pretty cool, it's cool how they got the gun from the game in there, anybody notice the death sounds of most of the guys? They are directly from the game, I wonder how they got permission to film inside the store, oh well it's still pretty creative, they should have had a fist fight with blurred vision and everything.


Food Whore
God, it looked like it was filmed in the Staples store by my house. And yeah, that was a bit more like a shooting rampage than anything else.