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The Rapping Flows[The New Trilogy]


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Type: Story
Story Type: Trilogy
Story Name: The Rapping Flows[Veloci-T]
Rating: R for Blood, Strong Violence, Mild Sexuality, and Strong Language
Writer: Veloci-T


13 Year old Shiro Shinimori dreamed to be a rapper, his parents forbidded him to listen to rap and hip-hop. One day, after a gangster shootout his parents ended in coffins and were buried. On that day, Shiro became disobiedient to his parents' orders and started to listen to rap again and he dreamt of being a rapper again too. He then was so angry he also then used the money his poor family left behind(which was barely over $200,000) to buy the following:

.22 Silent Calibur Pistol

He also bought a dark "robe" and he covered himself with it, when his parents got shot, he could only remember the face of who shot them and who shot them repeatedly after they died. 7 years later he was a trained and skilled 20 year old man, he could jump from building to building, he can withstand a sniper rifle's shot, he can drive a car recklessly without "recking" anything, he then set off to find the people who killed his parents, he found one person he swooshed down on the guy and took him to a dark alley, "Remember this face bitch?" said Shiro while he took off his hood, "You are the guy whose parents I shot 7 years ago!", "Yes, and I am about to beat the motherfuckin' shit out of your motherfuckin body right about now..." Shiro took up a fist and with one hard punch, the gangster's bloody heart came flying out of his back and Shiro's fist ripped through the gangster's body. "Serves you right," said Shiro. Suddenly he hears gunfires near him, he turns around and sees gangsters, the one who shot his parents but these were different ones and they were about to avenge their friend. "Bring it," said Shiro, then the group leader came out, "Its YOU!!!" said Shiro,"youre the one who killed my parents!", "Yes, and my name is Agro, remember it bitch! Go get him boys!", the gangsters charged at Shiro with baseball bats, guns, and daggers from all four alleyways, he was trapped...he stood still. Then they stopped and four people from each side with a sword and dagger came out and charged out to Shiro when they got to him and about to slash, he jumps up hiiiiiiiiiiiigh into the air and what happened to the people with daggers and swords? Lets just say they literally killed each other. "You can do better than this," said Shiro, then 2 people from each side came out with baseball bats and charged at Shiro, "Goddammit, you guys suck my fuckin anus" said Shiro, he takes out the silent pistol and jumps onto a rooftop, the gangsters were confused and suddenly one fell down lying there bloody and dead. Then one by one they fell down, suddenly..."Drop your gun you motherfucker" said a mysterious person while he pointed his gun at Shiro's back head. "Shit..."

Chapter 1 coming soon!


The Super Pimp of GF
Sounds good very interesting premise but one slight thing I noticed "recking" is "wrecking"


lmao you crazy "Goddammit, you guys suck my fuckin anus" ahahahaha

well it sounds interesting, but I wish you didnt have so many grammar mistakes like runons, misplaced commas etc. It would make it loads more enjoyable.


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look i was gettin bored so i had to hurry to finish, besides, wen i finished, i started to lay down and do notin becuz i bored myself


oh. well if u want people to enjoy it more take more time to write it, jus an fyi


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ok then

UPDATE: The next two "The Rapping Flows" fiction stories will be called, "The Rapping Flows[Synkro]", and "The Rapping Flows[Viroshadow]", after this fanfic Im working on I will be working on one of those, note that the names in the brackets are the names of the rappers that it revolves around in the story...so vote on which one you want me to make first after the current story


Hey that's the first rap I actually enjoyed reading. It was a little difficult to read fluently with all the grammar errors. Work on that OK?