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The rail on Justin Bieber thread


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We may not all agree with each other about everything all the time, but we can all agree on this.

I saw his music mentioned in a favourable light today. It was displeasing. :mad:


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Poor Justin Bieber. Can nobody give the kid some slack? *haha* I have to put up hearing his name every damn day, and looking at his posters hanging all over the granddaughter's walls, and sometimes even listening to his music (YES!-OMG even!) until I tell her to turn the shit down! And I have a grandson who has his hair cut just like the Beeb. But I do loathe his music, I don't like how he sings, how he sounds, he looks like a little boy to me. Well, he is, but to little girls he is a 'dream boat'. I get sick of Bieber too, so, carry on.


Creeping On You
oh god. I followed him on twitter for like a day so I could make fun of him. but all h is retweets are people going 'Oh i saw your new movie. Oh my dreams really do come true. oh my dad hated you but now he's a belieber.' It made me sick.


still nobody's bitch
Well now, Jay and Danny, his music does suck, but he seems like a really nice kid. Sincerely.


I ♥ Haters
moreover he's working way too much hard for a kid of his age.
You know, Ell... he doesn't have to work as hard. He could just simply disappear. I'd be cool with that.

And I HATE the fact that he compared himself to Kurt Cobain in an interview once! What a douche!


I feel like I shouldn't tell you Jeanie. Spare you from the pain of knowing. (Also there's a whole thread on her somewhere around here. Either in music or subtalk.)