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The Pudding Lady is back


Registered Member
Im still watching pam. Good luck


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I am watching also wow good luck...I loved watching you boxes before...this will be fun!!


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I didnt know who ya were before because I had pretty much just started AS in between your auctions but I was checking your legacy... WELL DONE :) And Im watching as well. I hope you enjoyed your vacation :)


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be careful with the .com's in your auction and questions they killed my auction for it the bastards



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Got ya covered!

BTW what do you think of the new FAO? My sister just got back and said they wrecked it :(

Hope your little guy is feeling better.


Wanna play?
...........and another watcher!! What a fantastic auction, looks like you had a great vacation, and your kid's are all beautiful....and handsome...don't want no boys saying..."hey lady, don't call me beautiful!" :lol:
Good luck!!


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Thank you all so much!!!!! :D Nanner, your sister is right. My boys were so disappointed. FAO used to be FULL of toys. Now it's more candy and a lot more "grown up" stuff. Why mess up a good thing?? I don't get it. Angelspeak, thank you!! Of course I think they are all adorable!! But I am the mama so I would, huh?? I appreciate you all so much. Always let me know about your auctions and I'll add them to my list. I love watching them. :cool: