The problem ofHarassment and raping...An Islamic point of view

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In Islam we believe that we,humans are the most important and most valuable creatures in this universe.So,human happiness and peace is a higher goal for us.This happiness is necessary to be able to do our job as the vicars of God(Caliphs).

1-Personal liberty is a golden value in Islamic social theory.But,as in all countries of the world,this personal liberty is limited if it will lead to and trauma or damage to others.
2-Naturally,there is an attraction between males and females.Men want women and vice verse.This is clear.
3-If someone walking in street seeing women with their "sexy" dressings in streets or advertisements or on TV.What would happen then?
He,with his nature,will need to meet this women.OK.What about the second women?The third?
4-By this,a repression will occur to him in his unconsciousness or what Freud called "motivated forgetting"(Especially if he is not married).This condensation of this sexual desire in his unconsciousness will continue until the unconsciousness will try to relief this condensed desire.
5-This desire will relief in one way of this:
a)A criminal action like rape and harassment.
b)Psychological disease which will need a therapy
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Wow, that was insanely offensive to me (durdedur). Come on, I have respect for other cultures, but rape is one issue I don't bend on.


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firstly, i think that if this dude thinks it's wrong to desire women, and wrong for women to tease this desire, and he thinks guys can't control it or whatever, he can chop his own balls off (desirable feelings solved), instead of making all the girls walk around covered in drapes. I personally enjoy checking out girls, and if i was placed in an environment where all women wore black veils over themselves, i'd go insane, and probably wank myself to death. Or i'd turn gay.

secondly, i don't think looking at america, a predominantly christian country, is the best way to draw your conclusions. many things about america are screwed up, and i dont like muslims who use those things as scapegoats to blame the rest of the non-muslim world (or any denomination for that matter).

where i live, as a student, in a university in the uk, sexual relations is very much a part of student life. no, it doesn't make me a man-whore or loose guy, it makes me a person who treats his love for women's bodies as something that should be celebrated, shamelessly and boldly.


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Closed because the author has been banned, and it was a lousy starting point anyways. Anyways, I'm tired of Islamocentric threads that don't have a good solid prompt basis.
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