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The Power Within Two: Power Of Suggestability (rated 13+)


Ms. Malone
Rated 13+ for any light swear words i may have put in and forgotten to edit out!

Hello one and all! I have decided to be the first to post on here since i love writing so much ^___^. This is a sequal, hence the 'two' in the title! So for all those who are new to CF all together and haven't read the first one TOUGH! Lol, kidding. I will attempt a...story so far thingy.

Story so far...
Poor Collette thought she was a normal trouble causing teenager living with a horrible aunt. But when she moved in with her Uncle Pete, his crazy American girlfriend Sally and her son Jacob, things got a little bit wierd! Not only did she have a little 8 year old called Emma, with the ability to create illusions, contacting her in her dreams (and other places) she found out she had telekinisis! And to top it off her social worker James was EVIL!

But now he's been defeated and Collette has to look for the remaining powers, hypnosis and premonision...oh this should be fun!

I will be posting the first 3 chapter since i can't remember where i left off :D
Chapter 1
“All three of them did very well on their entry exams.†A small plump woman with short red hair, that stopped at her shoulders and dark brown eyes smiled. She wore a long red skirt and a white blouse that was neatly tucked in. She looked to be around forty.

“Really?†Pete blinked. “Even Collette?â€Â

“Yes, she did very well. But I’m really impressed with your youngest, Emma. Her test scores were well above average for her age.â€Â

Both Sally and Pete smiled. It had been two weeks since they moved into their large four bed roomed house in a small town a few miles from Huddersfield.

“And it’s ok with them being day students?†Sally asked.

“Of course since you live nearby, boarding rooms are for the out of town students. But if you ever go away, just the two of you, rooms can be arranged for them.â€Â

“Thank you very much Mrs. Wilshire.†Pete stood and shook her hand. “I can’t wait to tell them!â€Â

“It’s not a problem.†She smiled. “I look forward to seeing them tomorrow. But, I’m wondering…â€Â

“Yes?†Pete raised a brow.

“Will Collette be well enough for school? The car accident was?â€Â

“Three weeks ago.†Sally smiled reassuringly. “She got a little scratched up, that’s all. And Jacob will be around to look after her.â€Â

Mrs. Wilshire nodded. “If you say so. Oh I have an idea!â€Â

“Go on.†Sally urged.

“How about the three of them stay here for a week, until they’re used to the school?†Pete and Sally looked at each other and nodded.

“Sounds fair.†Pete nodded again.

“Great!†Mrs. Wilshire clapped her hands together eagerly. “I know we defiantly have three beds spare!â€Â

“Sounds great.†Pete smiled. He shook Mrs. Wilshire’s hand again and walked out of her office. Sally linked his arm with hers.

“Do you think they’ll like it here?â€Â

“Not at first.†He sighed. “But they’ll settle.†They slowly made their way out of Specson Boarding School and Sixth Form to Pete’s new black Toyota Yaris T Sport. Specson was just a small town a few hours from Huddersfield, in fact, it’s so small most people would call it a village. All the houses looked big and posh from the outside and most probably were on the inside. It was just a few minutes until the Yaris turned into Savers Avenue and pulled into the drive. The house was white with brown window pains and a brown oak door. Inside, to the left was the stairs leading up to the bedrooms and bathroom. To the right through a door was the living room. The walls were a deep red with kanji patterned around and a deep red carpet to match. The sofa and chairs were black leather that faced a twenty six inch TV. The living room led to a conservatory where the same brown, polished oak table and chairs sat. To the left of the living room was Sally’s favorite room, the kitchen. The floor was white tile and the walls were a cream colour.

“We’re home!†Sally called through the house. Jacob and Emma walked to the top of the stairs.

“Welcome home.†Emma smiled.

“Where’s Collette?†Pete leaned against the white banister.

“In the bath.†Jacob looked down the hallway to the bathroom door. “She’s taking her daily twenty minute soak with Clary Sage oil.â€Â

“Oh?†Sally cocked her head to the side. “Is it working?â€Â

“She said it works wonders.†Emma giggled. “She said her muscles feel better and ache less.â€Â

“That’s good.†Pete nodded. “Well tell her to hurry up; we’ve got some news for you.â€Â

“A week!!??†Collette yelled.

“You’re making it sound like it’s a bad thing.†Sally placed a hand on her shoulder. “It’s not that long if you think about it.â€Â

“I guess not…â€Â

“Will we be sharing rooms with someone?†Jacob raised a brow.

“Probably.†Pete smirked. “That means, Collette, you’ll have to become a little more...well better behaved.â€Â

“Funny.†She glared.

“C’mon, Collette. This could be fun for you all.â€Â

“Or our worst nightmare!†She crossed her arms.

“Do you want to find the next descendent?†Pete knelt down in front of her. “Well?â€Â

“Yes! But it doesn’t mean we should stay there for a week!â€Â

“They just want us out of the way so they can do it.†Jacob whispered in Collette’s ear.

“Yeah, you’re probably right there…â€Â

“What do you think, Emma?†Sally smiled.

“I think…in a way a good idea, but then again a bad one.â€Â

“Bad idea, how?†She blinked.

“Well…what if we don’t like our roommates?â€Â

“You give them nightmares Em, and I’ll scare them out of the room!†Collette started laughing.

“You’ll do no such thing, girls!†Sally scolded and pointed her finger at them. “You have to be good.â€Â

“Fine.†They all sighed in unison.

“Welcome!†Mrs. Wilshire smiled brightly at the trio. “I really hope you’ll enjoy your stay here for this first week!â€Â

“Us too…†Collette forced a smile. “We can’t wait to get started.â€Â

“That’s the spirit!†The plump woman clapped her hands together. “Let me show you to your rooms! We’ll start with Emma, shall we?â€Â

“Jolly thing, isn’t she?†Collette whispered to Jacob. He nodded.

“On Dasher! On Vixen!†He sniggered.

“Here we are!†Mrs. Wilshire sang as they stopped at a grayish door. “Emma, you will be stopping with Penelope.†Collette resisted to snigger and hugged Emma.

“Remember, you’re short sighted.†She whispered

“I know; I’ll see you at break.†She opened the door to a girl with long, dark ginger curls and green eyes. She wore quarter cut cream pants, a red shirt with a daisy on it and long white socks. She sat on a four poster bed across from Emma’s. There was a chest of draws at the foot of each bed and a computer right at the end on a desk opposite the door.

“Bye, Em.†Jacob nodded.

“C’ya at break.†Collette waved.

“Have fun girls.†Mrs. Wilshire smiled and closed the door. “Right! Jacob next!†She started waddling along to Jacob’s room. “How are you two liking Specson so far?†She looked over her shoulder at the teens.

“Quiet.†Collette muttered.

“Yes, it’s very nice isn’t it?†She smiled.

“If you say so.†Jacob rolled his eyes.

“Here we are!†She sang again as they stopped at another grayish door. “You’ll be staying with Gregory. He’s a very nice boy, very smart.â€Â

“Great a nerd…†He muttered under his breath and opened the door to a room the same as Emma’s. Gregory turned in the computer chair to face Jacob. He wore long white pants and socks and a blue sweater. He had short golden blonde hair and deep blue eyes behind thin framed glasses. He nodded to Jacob and Jacob nodded back.

“Later, J.†Collette gave him a sympathetic look as Mrs. Wilshire closed the door.

“Bye boys!†And they were off again. “I was sorry to hear about the car accident, Collette.â€Â

“Car accident? Oh! Car accident, yeah stupid drivers for you.â€Â

“That’s a strange looking…choker is it?â€Â

Collette touched the ‘un-removable’ collar. They had tried everything, pliers, tint snips, saws, even a blow torch. She tried pulling it off, but it just shocked her and it was obvious her ability wouldn’t get it off. Nothing would remove it. She scratched the scar on her cheek nervously. “Yeah, I like stuff like this.â€Â

“It gives you character.†She stopped at the final grayish door. “Your room mate will be Sissy.â€Â

“Sissy?†Collette cocked a brow.

“She’s a little bossy and demanding sometimes, but I think you’ll get along without too much trouble.†She opened the door to Collette’s worst nightmare. The entire room was, or was covered in something pink.The walls were pink, there was a pink rug on the carpet, Sissy’s bed had pink sheets, and there were pink stickers everywhere. Sissy herself, sat on her bed applying makeup was head to toe in pink. She had pink hair, pink contacts; she wore a pink off shoulder shirt and pink joggings. Collette, with a horrified look, backed away until her back hit the opposite wall. She thought nothing could be worse than James. She was dead wrong.

Chapter 2
“P-P-P-P-PINK!!†Her face drained of colour. “IT’S PINK!!â€Â

“Wonderful, isn’t it?†Mrs. Wilshire smiled. And Collette thought Sally was a ditz.

“Hardly!†She stared into the room in disbelief. “I’m going to kill you, Uncle Pete…â€Â

“Don’t be shy!†Mrs. Wilshire pulled Collette into the room. “Sissy, this is Collette. As you can see from all the cuts and bruises, she’s not in the best of shape, so I’d like you to be nice.â€Â

“Will do.†She smiled politely. Mrs. Wilshire smiled and left the teens alone. Collette was still in shock and gazed around the room.

If you try hard enough you can destroy the room, you’ll survive…I think… She thought. Blow it up, only Pete, Sally, Jacob and Em will know!

“Hey!†Sissy snapped Collette from her thoughts. “There are just a few things you need to know while you’re here. First, don’t touch anything that’s mine. Second, you do as I say in here, and third, I’m the most popular girl in school, so you better respect me!â€Â

“Yeah right.†Collette dumped her bag by her bed and dropped onto the sheets. “I hope J and Em are having better luck than me…â€Â

Jacob sat on his bed and looked around slowly. Gregory was tapping away quickly on the keyboard, keeping his eyes fixed on the screen.
“So…erm…what you doing?†Jacob peered around him from the bed to see.

“My biology report.†He sighed.

“You chose biology?â€Â

“No, my parents did…I don’t even like it.â€Â

“Why did your parents choose it?†Jacob raised a brow and stood up.

“They want me to be a doctor…†He sighed again. “Anyway, what did you take?â€Â

“Sanders and I took music.â€Â

“Sanders?†Gregory turned to face him. “Your sister?â€Â

“She’s not my sister; she’s my…well cousin.†He scratched the back of his head. “Sort of.â€Â

“And she’s called Sanders?â€Â

“No, she just prefers it.†He chuckled slightly. “So Greg, if you don’t want to take bio, why don’t you take something else?â€Â

“Because my parents are bent on making sure I become a doctor. They won’t let me change it.†He looked down and shook his head.

“That sucks…†He stared at Greg for a moment. “Hey, you want to hang with me and Sanders later?â€Â

“I can’t.†Greg turned back to the computer.

“C’mon, you can do that later.â€Â

“It’s not that…†He looked slightly over his shoulder. “If I go out of here for any other reason than lessons and run into Butch…he’ll…†He went silent.

“Butch? I’m guessing he’s a bully or something.†He watched as Greg slowly nodded. “Don’t worry about it, Sanders and I will be around. It’ll be ok.â€Â

“Well…if you say so…â€Â

“My favorite colour is blue! What’s yours?†Penelope giggled.
“I’ve always liked green.†Emma smiled. “Favorite food?â€Â

“Spaghetti, but I don’t like broccoli, it’s icky!â€Â

Emma laughed and turned her head to the door as the bell rang. “I have to go now, I’ll see you later.†She slowly made her way out and found Jacob sat on a bench and Collette laid down with her head on his lap. She ran over. “What’s the matter, Collette?â€Â

“Must…kill…Pete…everything’s…pink!†She spat out the last word.


“Her roommate has an obsession with pink.†Jacob shrugged.

“Oh dear…â€Â

“Pink!†Collette whined “Why me? Why pink!â€Â

“Cheer up, Collette.†He stroked her hair reassuringly. “It’s only for a week.â€Â

“Oh god!!†She buried her face in her hands.

“Hey, Greg.†Jacob smirked as his roommate ran over. “Seen Butch yet?â€Â

“Don’t even joke. I think he has detention…I hope he has detention.†He looked around then to Collette. “What’s with her?â€Â

“She’s crashing with someone who has a pink room.†Jacob chuckled.

“Pink everything!†Collette cried out through her hands. Emma placed her hand on her arm sympathetically.

“You got Sissy? Ouch.â€Â

“Sissy?†Jacob started to laugh. “Oh, by the way, this is Sanders sister, Emma.â€Â

Greg blinked as he looked down at Emma. “She’s blind.â€Â

“Short sighted.†She corrected.

“No…your blind, how is possible that you know where you’re going? It’s not logical.â€Â

“Neither is ramming my foot up your ass, but I’ll do it anyway if you give her any more hassle.†Collette moved her hands from her face and glared at Greg.

“Don’t mind her.†Jacob grinned. “She’s just in a bad mood.â€Â

“Well, well, well, Gregory has some friends.†A voice called out.

“Oh god, it’s the pink obsessed monster…â€Â

“My, my.†Sissy stopped and looked at Jacob. “I’m Sissy, and who might you be?â€Â

“I might be Jacob, and I might not give a damn who you are.â€Â

Collette chuckled. “Nice one.â€Â

Sissy frowned. “I’m glad you’re here, Collette. I’d like to introduce you to someone.â€Â

“And who might that be?†She sat up carefully with Emma’s help and rose to her feet. Sissy smirked and snapped her fingers. It seemed like he came out of nowhere, a huge six foot brute with large sloping shoulders, huge hands like a gorilla’s and huge feet. He had dark short cut hair and squinting brown-gray eyes. He was muscular and wore black leather boots, black baggy trousers, black shirt and black leather gloves.

“Butch…†Greg stared up in horror. Butch grinned an almost toothless grin. It looked like a few had been knocked out. He was looking down at Emma.

“Hello, tiny.†Emma gave a small squeak of terror and hid behind Collette. Collette looked up at him as he towered over her, Jacob and Greg looked to each other then back at Butch.

“Bloody hell, you’re a big ugly brute!†Collette put her hands on her hips. “How do you fit through the doors!?â€Â

He smirked. “Force.â€Â

“I bet.†Collette raised a brow then motioned him to crouch down. “Listen here.†She murmured in his ear. “You maybe bigger than me, but I’ve got no problem, and will have no trouble kicking your ass if I have to. Am I making this clear enough for your tiny brain cell?â€Â

He stood up straight, threw his head back and laughed. “How can a small, weak little girl like you beat me?†Collette clenched her fists and small sparks of electricity circled around her hands.

“Collette, temper…†Emma wrapped her hands around Collette’s. Collette took a deep breath and smirked. “Wouldn’t you like to know?â€Â

He laughed again. “I’ll pick you off soon.†He then turned to Greg who flinched under cruel smile. “And the next time I see you, I’ll beat you into the ground.†He turned and strode away laughing.

“Bye, bye gorgeous.†Sissy winked at Jacob and followed. Collette sat back down on the bench and sighed.

“I sense the first signs of war.†Greg dropped down next to Jacob, who had put his arm around Collette.

“Yep.†He nodded. “What’s the deal with Butch? What did you do to him?â€Â

“That’s the thing, I didn’t do anything! I’m the only ‘nerd’ on campus so he picks on me.†He took off his glasses and cleaned them with his jumper. “Plus he’s Sissy’s brother.â€Â

Collette burst out laughing, almost falling off the bench. “I thought I saw a resemblance! They’re both as ugly as each other!†She held her side and tried to calm down. “Don’t make me laugh like that again, my sides still hurt!â€Â

“There’s the bell…†Emma sighed and looked up at Collette. “Will you walk me to class?â€Â

“Of course.†She smiled and stood up. “I’ll be back in a minute.â€Â

“Take your time.†Jacob smiled and watched them leave.

“She’s…a bizarre one…â€Â

“Sanders? I wouldn’t say bizarre. She’s….†Jacob cocked his head to the side. “Headstrong and confident.â€Â

“Does she keep to her word?â€Â

Jacob nodded with a smirk. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell her you called her strange.â€Â

“Thanks…I don’t feel like having a foot rammed up my rear….â€Â

Chapter 3
Collette and Jacob sat next to each other in music. They listened to the young twenty year old, tall, short brown haired, gray eyed male teacher, Mr. Prime. Unlike most of the teachers the teens had seen, Mr. Prime wore casual clothes rather than a suit. He wore black jeans, a dark blue shirt with a red dragon on the back, and a blue and white sweatband on his left wrist.

“Alright!†He turned to the class “Who knows how to play an instrument or can sing?†Everyone raised their hands except Jacob and Collette. Mr. Prime tucked his hands into his pockets and strode over to them. “Neither of you do? Not even a little?â€Â

“Well…†Jacob looked up at him. “I played drums for a bit in high school.â€Â

“There you go!†He smiled. “What about you, Collette?â€Â

“I don’t remember raising my hand, unless it was an invisible one that only you could see.â€Â

He laughed. “Well, would you like to play one? Or maybe sing?â€Â

“Oh please!†Sissy rose to her feet. “Everyone knows that I’m the best singer in the school.â€Â

Collette glanced at a boarded up window. “Yeah, the smashed window proves it too.†The class laughed. Sissy frowned and sat back down.

“Ok, that’s enough class.†Mr. Prime chuckled. “We’ll discuss it later, Collette.†He walked back to the front of the class. “Right, I’m going to put you into pairs and you’re going to discuss some lyrics I’m going to give you.†He started to split everyone up and when he was done he handed out sheets of lyrics.

“Hey!†A curly haired brunette with dark green eyes sat next to Collette. She wore a long cream skirt, white shirt and a red cardigan. “My name’s Sheryl. And you’re Collette, right?â€Â

“That’s what it says on my birth certificate…†Sheryl giggled.

“You’re really funny.†She giggled again. “You don’t mind us working together, do you?â€Â

“Better you than Sissy.†She sighed and looked at the lyrics. Linkin’ Park’s Numb. “Heh, at least it’s a good song.â€Â

“Yeah.†Sheryl nodded. “Say, who was the cute guy you were sat next to?â€Â

“Jacob, my cousin.†She glanced over at him. He was sat next to a brunette boy and not looking too happy about it. “Who’s that he’s sat next to?â€Â

“Caleb.†She sighed and looked at him with a dreamy look on her face. “Top athlete in school. Gorgeous isn’t he?â€Â

“I guess.†She raised a brow.

“That cousin of yours is a babe!†Caleb nudged Jacob.

“Well back off, she’ll pound you into the floor at first pick up line.†He growled.

“Learnt from experience?â€Â

“No, but I know her well enough to know she’ll do it.â€Â

“I’ll take my chances.†Caleb smirked. Jacob grabbed him by his black shirt.

“I mean it.†He hissed. “Back off.â€Â

“Oh, I see. You’ve got a thing for her, haven’t you?â€Â

Jacob blinked and loosened the grip on his shirt, then let go of it altogether. “No, I’m just saving her the trouble of breaking your legs.â€Â

“Everything ok, J?†Collette leaned against the desk.

“Fine…†He didn’t look up at her.

“You sure? You looked…rattled up.â€Â

“I’m sure.â€Â

“Ok then…†She looked up at Caleb who winked at her. She sneered and made her way back to her desk.

“She so digs me.†Caleb grinned.

Emma opened her eyes and looked to the door. “It’s open.â€Â
“Hey, Em.†Collette smiled as she opened the door. “What were you doing?â€Â

“Talking to Emily.†She smiled slightly.

“Oh, sorry to interrupt.â€Â

“It’s ok. What did you come for?â€Â

Collette grinned. “Lunch time! C’mon we’re meeting Jacob with Greg and Sheryl in the cafeteria.â€Â


“Some lass in my music class, she’s ok.â€Â

“Wow, Collette can make friends.†Emma smirked.

“Funny.†She glared slightly and led Emma to the cafeteria. Jacob, Greg and Sheryl were already sat down waiting for them.

“Hey, Collette. I got you a pizza, you too Em.†Jacob smiled.

“Thank you, Jacob.†Emma sat next to him and Collette dropped at his other side.

“Yeah, cheers J.†She looked across the table at Sheryl. “Sheryl, this is my sister, Emma.†She watched Sheryl smile at Emma and noticed Greg staring at her. “What is it?â€Â

“Your eyes are gold, are they contacts?â€Â

“No, and I suppose you’re going to say it’s not logical?â€Â

“Actually, I was going to say it was unusual.†Collette held her pizza half way from her mouth and glared. She then shook her head and took a bite.

“So, what did Mr. Prime say to you?†Jacob turned to her.

“He’s going to teach me lead guitar.†She shrugged. “My first lesson is this afternoon, during free period.â€Â

“Sounds neat.†Emma smiled.

“I guess.†Then suddenly somebody knocked into her and coke ran all down her head and clothes. Collette leapt out of her seat and turned to see Sissy with a tray in her hands and a satisfied smirk. “You…†She growled.

“That’ll teach you to bad mouth my singing.†Sissy hissed and walked away.

Collette clenched her fists and breathed deeply, trying to keep calm. Sparks of electricity flew up her right arm. She took one step forward and Jacob instantly wrapped his arms around her arms and waist.

“Easy, Collette.†He whispered in her ear. “Watch your temper…â€Â

“I ought to…â€Â

“I know…she’ll get what’s coming to her soon.†He slackened his grip on her. “Now just calm down…â€Â

“But…†She growled.

“Collette.†Emma placed her hand on hers. “Close your eyes.†Collette looked down at Emma and did as she was told. Emma did the same. They found themselves standing in a thriving green field full of flowers, trees and a small running stream. It was peaceful and calming. “Ok, Collette. Take in the warmth of the sun…the feel of the gentle breeze and the sound of the water.†Emma explained calmly. “Now…take a deep breath and open your eyes.â€Â

Collette opened her eyes and found herself back in the cafeteria. She looked down at Emma and smiled. “Cheers, Em. Don’t know what I’d do without you…â€Â

“Punch walls?†Emma smirked. Collette laughed then looked down at Jacob’s arms.

“You can let go now.â€Â

“Oh.†He blushed and released her. “Feel better?â€Â

“Much.†She nodded. Sheryl and Greg looked to each other and shrugged.

“What did you do?†Sheryl raised a brow. “You were just stood there.â€Â

“Um…breathing techniques…†She laughed nervously. “I’m going to take a shower and head to my guitar lesson. Bye guys.â€Â

“Bye!†They all chorused and watched her leave.

“You’re covered in coke as well, Jacob.†Greg pointed out.

“So I am, better go get changed. Will you watch Emma until I get back?â€Â

“No problem.†Sheryl smiled. “I’ll braid her hair.â€Â

“Thanks guys.â€Â

“Well done, Collette.†Mr. Prime smiled. “Are you sure you’ve never played before.â€Â
She shrugged. “If I did, I’ve slept since.†He chuckled.

“Has anyone ever told you how witty you are?â€Â

“Yeah, all the time…†She frowned slightly and strummed with her thumb a little bit on the black lead guitar, while Mr. Prime sat across from her with a red one.

“I’m sorry; did I hit a soft spot?â€Â

“A little bit.†She looked up slightly.

“Care to talk about it?†He rested his guitar against the wall.

“No, it’s alright.â€Â

“What’s the matter? Don’t you trust me?â€Â

“Nothing personal sir, but no I don’t.†She ran her fingers along the chords.


“Excuse me?†She looked up at him.

“If we’re going to trust each other, you should know my name. It’s Adam.†He smiled. “Sir makes me feel old. And is there a nickname you want to be called by?â€Â

“S…no, Collette’s fine…â€Â

“Very well. Do you trust me yet?â€Â

“About as much as I trust my uncle’s cooking.â€Â

Adam chuckled. “Well, I’m sure you’ll learn to trust me in time.â€Â


The Super Pimp of GF
I like it a lot very good I think that the characters are easy to relate to and I cant wait for the next installment


Yes, I agree with Henskie. MR. Prime or Adam seems a little suspicious to me. What I'm saying is that he is like some "other" people that tried to get to Collette. Sheryl and Caleb are typical... (I'm sorry but I don't particularly remember their ages....) students. Well, it was a wonderful start. Keep up the good work!


Ms. Malone
When i wrote this i wanted to make readers suspicious of one of the characters, and as i contined to write this story i confused myself @[email protected] i wasn't sure if i was writing a bad guy or a good one.

Chapter 4
“What are you doing?†Greg looked up from a sketch book to Jacob who was sat at the computer.

“Nothing much, just browsing.â€Â

“What for?â€Â

He shrugged. “Games. What about you?â€Â

“Just drawing…â€Â

Jacob looked over his shoulder. “You like drawing?â€Â

“Yeah. I wanted to take art.â€Â

“Then take it, screw your parents.â€Â

“It’s not as easy as that.†He sighed.

“What? Will you’re parents throw you out of the family or something?â€Â

“Something like that…and they don’t want my smarts to go to waste.â€Â

“Big whoop, do what you want-ah ha!â€Â

“Found a game?â€Â

“Yeah…something like that…†He clicked on an untitled link but the summary read.

In ancient times there were four children that saved the world from a terrible evil and their story was forgotten in history…until now.

The page was taking it time to load and Jacob was growing inpatient. Finally it loaded, but it wasn’t what he was hoping for.

You Are Not Authorized To Access This Page.

“Oh for!†He slammed his fist down on the desk.

“School blocked you out?†Greg looked up again.

“Yeah, I think so…â€Â

Emma took her time going back to her room after class. She walked along side Penelope and they chatted away about the homework they were given.

“A fairy tale! We have to write a fairy tale! Who do they think we are?†Penelope pouted.

“I don’t think it will be that hard.†Emma smiled.

“Easy for you to say, your sister can help you.â€Â

“Collette won’t be helping me; I can do it on my own.â€Â

A huge shadow suddenly loomed over them. The pair turned together and craned their necks to look up at Butch. He leaned over slightly and grinned at Emma. “Hello, pintsize.â€Â

“H-hello…†She stuttered. “I haven’t seen whoever you’re looking for…â€Â

“I was looking for you.†He took a step forward. The girl took three steps back and bolted into a run with Butch close behind them.

Collette hummed as she strummed along to the beat of a backing track with Adam. She was picking it up quickly and was starting to master it. She suddenly slipped up and swore under her breath.

“Oh, and it was sounding so beautiful.†He smiled. “Especially your humming.â€Â

“Humming?†She blinked. She hadn’t realized she was doing it.

“Yes, it was wonderful. It’s the sign of a good singer.†He nodded.

“I’m not a singer…â€Â

“Nobody in your family sings?†He cocked his head to the side.

“My dad did…†She sighed slightly.

“Ouch…I hit another spot didn’t I?â€Â

“No, it’s ok…â€Â


“Hm?†Collette looked around.

“Are you ok, Collette?â€Â

“Yeah…†Her eyes caught a vision of Emma out of the corner of her eye. She was stood by the window in the classroom.

“Collette, Butch is after us!†Collette glanced at Adam for a second then looked back at Emma. “Penelope and I, we’re hiding in the park. You’ve got to find us!â€Â

“I’ve got to go sir-Adam…†She gently placed the guitar back in the case. “I have to check on my sister…†She quickly got up and left.

“But, Collette!-…shoot she’s gone…â€Â

Collette raced into the school park which was just a vast area full of trees. She looked around frantically. “Emma where are you!!â€Â

“Collette!!†She heard Emma scream. She ran in the direction where she heard the illusionists cry and saw the huge brute reaching into a small cluster of trees.

“Emma, use your ability!â€Â


“Do it! Who cares if they see!?â€Â

“I don’t want to!â€Â

“Please!†Butch had turned to face Collette and started advancing towards her. “Emma!!†The illusionist didn’t answer this time. Collette stood her ground. “One more step ugly and you’ll be in a world of hurt.â€Â

“Try it.†He grinned. Collette smirked and drew her arm back; and jolts of electricity flew up her arm. She threw her arm forward and a blast of wind flew at Butch. He only skidded back a few feet.

“Uh oh…†She started to back up. “Erm…Em, little help!†Butch suddenly charged at her. She couldn’t move out of the way in time. Everything suddenly became a blur and Collette found herself rolling along the ground. She heard him laugh.

“Yeah, what do you want?†She heard him growl then a loud thud. She slowly rolled onto her back and found a hand extended to her.

“Mr. Prime?†She gave him a confused look. He waggled his finger on his other hand.

“No, Collette. Adam, remember?â€Â

“Right…†She grabbed his hand and he pulled her to her feet. She felt dizzy for a moment and found herself leaning against Adam. He looked down at her and smiled.

“That must have been quite an attack, hm? Butch is strong, isn’t he?â€Â

“Err…yeah…†She stood upright and looked at Butch lying on the ground. Emma and Penelope had emerged from their hiding place.

“Did you do that?†Collette mouthed to Emma. She shook her head and shrugged.

“He’ll be ok.†Adam smiled. “The brute probably knocked himself out.†He laughed.

“Probably…†Collette muttered and looked at Adam out of the corner of her eye. How much did he see? If anything at all… “C’mon girls, I’ll walk you back to your room.†She gently wrapped an arm around Emma and held Penelope’s hand.

“I’ll wait with Butch, until he wakes up.†Adam sat down on the ground near the brute. Collette nodded and led the girls away without looking back. As soon as the three were out of site Adam stood again and walked closer the Butch. “When you wake you will return straight to your room.†He commanded him. “You will go to sleep, and when you wake up tomorrow you won’t remember anything that either I or Collette did.†He snapped his fingers. After a few seconds Butch slowly rose to his feet. He ignored Adam and pounded back to the school. Adam smiled brightly and took a different route back through the trees.


Wow, is this Adam guy like hypnotic or somthing? He seems to be.. Maybe he isn't so bad at all. Well, it's ur choice if you want to make Adam a bad guy or good guy. Either way, your story is good.


Ms. Malone
Ok, the first chapter is a little short because i was suffering from writers block, but the second chapter is really interesting!

Chapter 5
There was pounding on the door the next morning. Penelope dragged herself out of bed and opened it. She looked up at Jacob and rubbed her eyes.

“Do you know what time it is?†She yawned.

“I know it’s early, but have you seen Collette?†Penelope pointed to Emma’s bed. Jacob looked around the door frame before stepping inside. Collette was asleep on Emma’s bed with Emma curled up to her.

“She didn’t want Collette to leave after last night.â€Â

“Why? What happened?â€Â

“Butch came after us and somehow Collette found us.†Penelope yawned again. Jacob frowned and shook Collette lightly.

“Collette…Collette.†She moaned and swung for him, half asleep, before shifting onto her side. Jacob had dodged the fist and shook her again. “Collette!â€Â

“What?†She mumbled and turned her head to look at him.

“Get up; I want to show you something.â€Â

Collette blinked a few times then gently pulled her arm from under Emma. She stood up and yawned. “I’ll be back later to walk you two to class, ok?â€Â

“Ok.†Penelope nodded and closed the door after they left.

“So what happened last night?†Jacob looked at Collette.

“Butch was after Emma; don’t ask why because I don’t know. And I think Adam saw me use my ability…â€Â


“Adam, Mr. Prime, the music teacher, whatever you want to call him.†She waved her hand dismissively. “So what do you want to show me?â€Â

“A website I found.â€Â

“You got me up at six AM to look at a website?†She glared at him.

“No. Just trust me on it…†He quietly opened the door to his room and tip-toed in. Collette just walked in and closed the door over, Jacob signaled for her to be quiet and she stuck her finger up at him. He turned on the monitor and pointed to the link he found.

“So?†She whispered. “It could be for a book.â€Â

“I can’t get onto the site though; it said I’m not authorized. What kind of site for a book says that?†He whispered back.

“Good point…†She shrugged. “We’ll figure it out later. I’m going to take a shower since I’m up.â€Â

“Alright, see you at class.†He watched her leave and sighed.

Collette opened the door quietly and stepped into the room. Sissy was still asleep. She made her way over to her draws and pulled out a towel and a thick wooly dressing gown. She turned to leave when a light hit her eyes.

“Ah! Little…†She mumbled a long string of curse words then looked at Sissy with a torch in her hand. “Do you mind?â€Â

“And where were you last night?â€Â

“Not that it’s any of your business, but I was at my sister’s room.â€Â

“You’re not allowed to do that you know.†Sissy smirked.

“Well I did it anyway.†She concentrated and unscrewed the bulb a bit. The light went out and Sissy started hitting the torch. Collette blinked a few times. “Great, now I see spots!†She headed out of the door and screwed the bulb back in while Sissy was looking straight at it. She headed to the shower room with the strange feeling someone was following her. She looked back. Nothing. “Sissy, if that’s you go away.†She continued on while looking back and walked into someone. “Sorry. Oh, hey Adam.â€Â

“I see you remembered this time.†He smiled. “Why are you up so early?â€Â

She held up the towel. “Shower.†She then looked him straight in the eyes. “How did you know where to find me last night?â€Â

“Wasn’t looking for you, I just happened to stumble across all the commotion on my walk.†She was skeptical about the answer but just nodded. “When do have free period?â€Â

“This morning…â€Â

“Great! We’ll continue our lesson shall we?â€Â

“Yeah sure…â€Â

“Collette…†He placed a hand on her shoulder. “You’re going to have to learn to trust me.†He gave her a light pat and walked past her. “I’ll let you get your shower.†She turned and watched him round the corner and disappear out of sight. She shuddered and continued on.

“How many of these lessons do you have a week?†Jacob asked as he, Collette and Greg walked her to lesson.

“Don’t know. He just asks me when I have free period…I don’t like him…â€Â

“Really?†Greg raised a brow. “All the girls like Mr. Prime.â€Â

“Reminds me of James.†She shuddered.

“Yeah…a little bit.â€Â

“Who’s James?â€Â

“Nobody…†Collette sighed and stopped at the classroom. “Right, I told Em you’d walk her and Penelope to their next class.â€Â

“Don’t worry I will.†He pushed her into class. “Have fun!†He closed the door and headed back to his dorm with Greg following.

“Who’s James?†Greg repeated. Jacob looked around slightly.

“Don’t tell her I told you but…he was her social worker.â€Â

“What’s so bad about that?â€Â

“You wouldn’t believe me even if I told you.â€Â

“Try me.â€Â

“Well…†He whispered. “He was an evil social worker that had the ability to extract other person’s ability and use it as his own.â€Â

Greg started to laugh. “You’re right. I don’t believe you!â€Â

“Told you. Just don’t mention it to Collette, alright?â€Â


Chapter 6
Emma stared out of the window and hoped Jacob would be on time to walk her to class. She sighed. She thought after escaping from James she’d be able to forget about her ability and never use it again. But alas it seemed a new, even worse evil had arisen, one much worse than the social worker and much harder to defeat. A school bully. She thought about the evening before, about being cornered in a group of trees, about disobeying Collette. It wasn’t that she feared using her ability in front of her new friend, that didn’t matter to her. But she never liked to create images of fear. She realized now that she should have done, Collette may have not have been injured if she had. The short sightedness lie was beginning to worry her. If Jacob’s roommate could tell she was ‘blind’ then there was no telling how many others would too. But how do you tell people you can see through a third eye? An illusionist eye. She didn’t want to be dubbed as the freak, which was her biggest fear. Much bigger than facing Butch, much bigger than Butch himself. The bell brought her back to the real world and she packed up slowly. She and Penelope were the last ones out of class and were glad to see Jacob and Greg waiting for them. Emma doubted the two could take Butch alone, if they needed to, without Collette’s help, but she still felt safe knowing Jacob would try to defend her.

“Hey Em.†He smiled. “How was class?â€Â

“Fine.†She smiled weakly. “Is Collette still at her lesson?â€Â

“Yeah. Do you want to drop by?â€Â

“No. It’d be best not to disturb her.†Guilt filled her eyes as she clutched her bag tighter. “She’s not badly injured is she?â€Â

“Just a few grazes. Nothing serious, I think.†Jacob placed a hand on her head. “Don’t worry about it. She’s not angry or anything.â€Â

She gave a slight nod and headed to her next class while walking between the two teens. She knew Collette was one to hide pain; she had after all, hidden the pain over the loss of her parents very well. And Emma couldn’t help but think, was Collette in more pain than she had let on?

Collette rolled her left shoulder for the hundredth time that day, it was stiff and painful. She figured she’d slept odd during the night, but then remembered she’d landed on it when Butch tackled her like a raging bull. Whether she was bruised or not was a mystery to her.
“Slept funny?†Adam looked at her.

“Maybe.†She rolled it again. One hundred and one.

“You should take it easy, Collette. You’re not invincible.â€Â

“I know.â€Â

“I can write you a note for P.E if you want.â€Â

“Don’t take it.†She looked up at him from the music book.

“Why don’t you like me, Collette? And don’t deny it, I can tell by the way you talk to me.â€Â

“Wasn’t going to.†She looked back at the book.

“You’ve had a troubled past haven’t you?†He gently set the guitar down. She gave a short grunt. “Collette, I’m not that much older than you, you can trust me. It’s not like I’m a real adult.†He watched her as she remained quiet, lightly strumming a chord or two. He reached out and gently took the instrument from her. “Collette, I’m not the enemy. I’m here to help you.â€Â

“I don’t talk to teachers.†She glared at him. “They talk.â€Â

“Ah, so it’s a trust thing.†He nodded. “Well, in all honesty…I’m a student teacher. I’m learning just like you.†She gave a low growl and turned her head away. He chuckled and pulled out a gold necklace from under his shirt. He removed it and held it up. At the end of the chain was a round yellow stone with an eye on both sides. He caught Collette’s attention and flicked the stone. It spun around but the eye seemed to stay still in the middle. Collette became entranced by it and found she couldn’t turn away, even though she wanted to. Suddenly she felt she had no control over her body.

“Now Collette, tell me everything.†And she did. She couldn’t help it, she could feel her mouth moving but she couldn’t stop it. She told him about her parents, her aunt Sarah, Pete and Sally, James and her ability. When she was done he smiled. “That wasn’t so bad now, was it?†He slowly stood and cupped his hand around her chin. “I’m sorry Collette, I’m going to have to make you forget our conversation. When you awake later, my psychic princess, you will forget what you saw and forget you ever told me anything.†He lifted her head up and gently pressed his lips against hers. Her eyes fell shut and she became limp in his arms. He slowly pulled his lips from hers and smiled. “Sleep well, Sanders.â€Â

“Are you ok, Collette?†A blurred figure slowly formed into Greg as she opened her eyes. “Collette?â€Â
“Greg? Where am I?†She asked groggily.

“In the nurses office. Jacob’s in class but he said he’d stop by afterwards.â€Â

“What happened?†She slowly sat up and ran a hand through her hair.

“Mr. Prime said you passed out just before class started, he was carrying you out just as the class was going in.â€Â

“I…I don’t remember…maybe I did…â€Â

“Do you want a drink?â€Â

“Yes…please.†She looked around the plain white room as Greg went to the sink. It reminded her of a hospital room. Greg held the glass out to her, and thought she didn’t realize it, she took it from him with her ability. He kept his mouth shut about it and pushed his glasses up. The water was gone in a few seconds and Collette leaned back. “Thanks…â€Â

“No problem…†He replied slowly with a nod. “Mr. Prime seems to think you’ve been over exerting yourself, that’s why you passed out. It seems possible.â€Â

“I guess I should take it easy.†She sighed.

“Mrs. Wilshire stopped by as well. She said you can take a few days off to rest.â€Â

“I’ll pass on that.†She turned her head to the door as the bell rang. “Is that the first bell?â€Â

“Yeah.†Greg headed to the door. “Better get going.â€Â

“Actually.†She paused for a moment as he turned to face her. “Could you stay? The silence really bugs me.â€Â

He gave a short laugh knowing she meant she wanted some company. “Sure thing. I hate Bio anyway.â€Â

“Yeah.†She gazed out of the window, thinking about her lesson. “Bio sucks…â€Â


O.O god that Adam is a bad guy... That big fraud! It's not fair for him to have the hypnotic powers and make everybody forget stuff. Anyways, I believe Greg's one of the good guys. Like one of the four. Well, there's one way to find out, and that's you writing it! Good Luck.


Ms. Malone
Alright! Another double update! This was done quickly because i was so excited about the FACup 2nd round >< WEEE, SOCCAR!!! ^_^...Anywayz...

Chapter 7
“Thanks for keeping her company, Greg.†Jacob slapped his new friend on the back on the way to class.

“It’s no problem.†Greg adjusted his glasses. “She did something very…unusual…â€Â

“Unusual how?†Jacob asked slowly.

“Well…I offered her a glass of water and kind of ripped itself from my hand and jumped into hers. Maybe I just imagined it though, it seems highly illogical.†Jacob pinned him against the wall.

“It’s real.â€Â

“What?†Greg blinked and adjusted his glasses again.

“It’s real. She was born or may just have developed telekinetic abilities. Em’s the same too…but she’s an illusionist.â€Â

“C’mon Jacob.†He pushed him back. “You expect me to believe that?â€Â

“You saw it for yourself!â€Â

“I imagined it, I was daydreaming!â€Â

Jacob ran a hand through his hair and sighed. “Yeah, I’m just messing.†He started off for class again. Greg jogged after him.

“Are you really messing?â€Â

“Totally.†Jacob grinned. “I’m going to be late, see you later!â€Â

“Bye.†Greg watched him run down the corridor. He thought for a moment then shook his head. “Highly illogical.â€Â

“Jacob.†Adam looked at the clock. “You’re late.â€Â

“Sorry, I went to see Collette.â€Â

“Oh, how is the freak?†Sissy yelled.

“Sissy.†Adam almost growled then looked to Jacob. “How is she?â€Â

“She’s resting.†He took his seat.

“Good.†Adam smiled and turned back to the board. Sheryl dropped beside Jacob and smiled sweetly.

“Erm, hi Sheryl.†He flashed a quick smile.

“I erm…heard you liked Collette.†She picked at the hem of her skirt.

“Of course I like Collette.â€Â

“I mean…like, like her.â€Â

“Fancy her? Who told you that?†He frowned.

“Caleb did…is it true?â€Â

“No, of course not.†He shook his head. She suddenly smiled.

“Great! So maybe you could…go out with me?â€Â

Jacob looked at her stunned. “I-I don’t know…â€Â

“Well, maybe you do fancy Collette.†She crossed her arms and frowned.

“No.†He shook his head and sighed. “Fine, I’ll go out with you.â€Â

“Great!†She smiled again. “We’ll sneak out after school!â€Â

Caleb quietly opened the office door and carefully stepped in. He spotted Collette sleeping in the bed and grinned. “Collette.†He quietly called as he made his way over. “Collette, wake up.â€Â

She slowly stirred and looked up at him. “Caleb? What are you doing here?â€Â

“I wanted to see if you were ok.†He watched her sit up. “I heard what happened.â€Â

“That’s sweet of you, Caleb.â€Â

“Yeah, and I was wondering if you’d…when you’re better I mean…would you go out on a date with me?â€Â

“That’s nice of you but…I’m not really interested.â€Â

“Oh.†He hung his head. “Well I thought we could see a movie of something…†He pulled a rose from behind his back. “Anyway…this is for you.â€Â

She took it from him and watched him head for the door. “Well, maybe one date couldn’t hurt.â€Â

“Great! He smiled. “Is tonight ok?â€Â

“Yeah, sure.†She watched him leave and twirled the rose between her fingers with a smile. “I guess it won’t be so bad.â€Â

“You’re going on a date with Sheryl?†Greg leaned across the table at dinner. Jacob nodded.

“Sheryl…†Emma looked up at him. “The one from your music class? Collette’s friend?â€Â

“Yeah that’s her.†Jacob sighed. “She somehow roped me into it. She asked me if I liked Collette and stuff.â€Â

“Do you?†Greg raised a brow.

“That’s gross! She’s my cousin!†Jacob threw his hands into the air.

“True.†Emma took a sip of her drink. “But you can’t help who you love.â€Â

“Of course I love her, she’s family. But I don’t love her.â€Â

“So where are you and Sheryl going?†Greg quickly changed the subject.

“I don’t know, I’ll let her decide.â€Â

“Good move.†Greg nodded and rose to his feet. “I’ve got to go to class.â€Â

“Ok, I’ll see you when I get back.†He watched his roommate leave then turned to Emma. “C’mon, I’ll walk you to class.â€Â

Collette sighed and tapped her finger on the sheets. She was so bored it felt like it was going to kill her. Throughout the day she’s had many visitors. Mrs. Wilshire, Jacob, Greg, Emma and Penelope, and Caleb. She was surprised they hadn’t called her uncle, but they saw no need for it. Collette had been ordered to stay in bed and rest. She had two choices, her room or the nurse’s office. She obviously chose the office, it was better for her health. Suddenly there was a loud knock at the door. It slowly opened and Adam stepped in with a guitar case in his hand.

“Hello, Collette.†He smiled. “Feeling better?â€Â

“I don’t even remember feeling unwell.â€Â

“Well.†He made his way over. “It came over you suddenly. First you were talking to me and then you fainted.â€Â

“We were talking?†She raised a brow.

“I was trying to get you to talk, that’s what I meant.â€Â

“Right.†She folded her arms and looked out of the window. It was starting to get dark and Collette wondered what time would be best to sneak out.

“Do you have anything planned tonight?†Adam tilted his head to the side.

“I’m stuck in here, so no I haven’tâ€Â

“I love that attitude; it’s so full of fire and passion.†He smiled. Collette raised a brow and looked at him.

“Well there’s a first.â€Â

“Oh, I’m sure lots of people love your attitude.†He brushed some hair from her face. “I’ll leave you to rest. Goodnight.â€Â

“Night…†She watched him head for the door. He opened it then looked over his shoulder at her.

“My room number is sixty three. If you ever want to talk, I’m in there.â€Â

“Alright.†She turned to look out of the window as he left. Soon she’d sneak out and join Caleb for their date.

Chapter 8
Collette landed carefully and looked around. She smirked. A little six foot wall couldn’t stop her; she’d scaled plenty of them. She stood and leaned against the wall. It wasn’t long before Caleb joined her and they were on their way.

“So…what are we doing?â€Â

“I was thinking a movie.†He looked down at her. “If that’s ok?â€Â

“Sure. No romance ones though.â€Â

He chuckled. “We’ll see what’s on then.â€Â

Jacob stumbled as he landed but managed to regain his balance. He turned and caught Sheryl as she dropped to the ground; a small blush ran across her cheeks. He gently placed her down and she wrapped her arm around his.
“What did you have planned for tonight?†He looked down at her. She sighed with a smile while resting her head on his shoulder.

“I would like to see that new romance movie that’s just come out.â€Â

“Sure.†He sighed a little. He hated romance movies and loved watching horror ones with…Collette. The last one they saw together was Resident Evil 2 that they rented. Collette was disappointed by it since she was a huge fan of the games. What really ticked her off was the fact that Nemesis was so easily killed and that he turned soft. Jacob couldn’t help but laugh at the time and even now it made him smile a little bit.

“Here we are!†Sheryl sang as they reached the Odeon Theatre. Jacob looked at the three floored building and tilted his head to the side. “Oh look! There’s Collette.â€Â

His head shot to the direction Sheryl was pointing and frowned as he set his eyes on Caleb. “What the hell?†He made his way over to the pair with Sheryl in tow. “Collette.â€Â

“Oh hey, Jacob. I didn’t know you were here.â€Â

“Same here.†He glared at Caleb. “Shouldn’t you be resting?â€Â

“I feel fine.†She waved her hand. “Besides I was getting backache.†She looked at Sheryl. “Are you two on a date?â€Â

“Sure are!†Sheryl attached herself to Jacob again. Collette frowned.

“So what are you guys going to see?â€Â

“A romance.†Sheryl smiled. “I love them.â€Â

Collette gave Jacob a sympathetic look. “We’re going to see if we can get into Saw 2â€Â

“Cool…†Jacob nodded. “Have fun.â€Â

“You too…†Caleb started to pull her inside. Jacob watched them and slowly followed Sheryl inside. The couples had spent another few minutes together before heading their separate ways.

Collette and Caleb sat on the back row and relaxed. The adverts took their time to finish but soon the movie started. Collette remained relaxed and calm while other girls cuddled up to their boyfriends.
“You know.†Caleb whispered. “If you get scared you can cuddle up to me, I won’t tell anyone.â€Â

“It’s ok, I won’t be scared.†The girls screamed as the first of Jigsaw’s victims died a horrible death. Collette chuckled. “Neat.â€Â

By halfway through the movie, Caleb’s arm had made itself comfortable around Collette and his hand rested just on the inside of Collette’s leg. It was ever so slowly making its way north. She’d suddenly had enough. She grabbed his hand and bent his fingers back.

“Give up.†She hissed in his ear and released his hand. He whimpered slightly and rubbed his fingers. But unfortunately for Collette it wasn’t long before his hand returned and started its journey from where it left off. Collette grabbed it again and turned her head to face him. As she did his lips crashed against hers. She shoved him back.

“Is this all you brought me here for?â€Â

“Pretty much.†He smirked. She punched him and stormed out.

Sheryl was still glued to Jacob’s side as they sat down. He couldn’t concentrate on the movie, not when he knew Caleb was up to something.
Then again, maybe he did just want to take her out on a date. Then that would mean Collette likes him… He thought. But why would I care if she does? I don’t fancy her…do I?

“Do you like the movie?†Sheryl brought him back to reality.

“Erm, yeah it’s ok.†He looked down to find his fingers laced together with hers. He quietly sighed and started thinking again. He suddenly found himself wondering if, if he did like her like that, she’d feel the same way about him. Maybe she did and he didn’t know, then again maybe she only saw him as family, and telling her how he felt, if he did feel like that, would only result in her laughing at him. He blinked back into reality and was taken by surprise at the sudden nudity in the scene. Suddenly Sheryl locked her lips onto his neck and startled him.

“What are you doing?â€Â

“I don’t know.†she shrugged. “I just thought you might be into that.â€Â

“Making out on the back row?â€Â

“Yeah, don’t most Americans do that?†He realized then she’d seen one too many chick flicks, but he had known a few people who made out on the back row at the cinema. He had never done it himself though.

“A few of them do.†He half agreed with her. She dropped herself into his lap and pressed her lips against his. He wondered if he should go along with it or not and found himself thinking about Collette. She’s with Caleb; you might as well go for it. A voice in the back of his mind told him and he found himself agreeing with it.

Collette hauled herself back up to the window she used to escape. She pulled herself through too quickly and ended up making a less graceful landing than she had hoped.
“Ow…†She whispered and looked up at the ceiling. She slowly rose to her feet and with a slight movement of her finger turned on the lights.

“Hello, Collette!â€Â

“Jesus!!†She jumped back holding her chest and nearly fell out of the open window.

“Sorry.†Adam chuckled. “I didn’t mean to startle you.â€Â

“What are you doing here?†She sniffed and turned her head from him.

“I was just passing by and wondered if you were awake. When I noticed you weren’t here, I decided to wait.â€Â

“You can go now…†She turned and closed the window.

“That was quite a trick you did.†He smiled. “Can you do it again?â€Â

She looked at his reflection in the window and frowned. “No, now can you please go?â€Â

“Is something the matter?â€Â

“No.†She folded her arms.

“C’mon, Collette.†He urged. “Tell me.â€Â

She sighed and looked over his shoulder at him. “Just a bad date…that’s all…â€Â

“Ah.†He nodded. “Made a move?†She remained quiet and hung her head. He made his way over and placed his hands on her shoulders. “It’s ok to cry, Collette. It won’t make you any weaker.†She suddenly turned and buried her face into his shirt. He led her over to the bed and they sat down.

“I shouldn’t have trusted him…â€Â

“You have to take chances, its how you learn.â€Â

“I guess…†She wiped her face with her hand and Adam handed her a tissue. “Thank you…†She stayed leaning against him until she feel asleep. He gently laid her down.

“Goodnight, Princess.†He kissed her gently on the forehead.

Jacob stumbled into his room and woke Greg. He yawned and looked at his roommate as he started to undress.
“Have a good time?†He glared at the blurry figure before him.

“Yeah, we made out on the back row.â€Â

“How nice…â€Â

“Yep.†Jacob sat at the computer and booted it up. Greg growled.

“You’re going online now?â€Â

“Yeah, I’m not tired yet.†Jacob turned to face him. “Go back to sleep, I’ll be quieter.â€Â

Greg’s eyes flashed. “Turn off the computer and go to sleep.â€Â

Jacob’s eyes became blank. He leaned over, switched the computer off and stood slowly. “Yes, I shall go to sleep…†His voice was an even tone. He walked slowly to his bed and dropped onto it.

“Jacob?†Greg blinked. “Jacob stop kidding around…†He heard a light snore and shrugged. “He falls asleep quick.â€Â


... was that greg? i knew it! Greg is part of the four kids! well, I can't wait for more.


Ms. Malone
By this chapter i was worried Adam was written a bit...gay o_O but of course it was obvious he wasn't!

Chapter 9! (single update, sorry!)
Greg stretched and slid on his glasses. He threw back the covers and looked at Jacob. It looked like he hadn’t moved all night. Greg slid off his bed and walked over to Jacob then gently shook him.

“Jacob, wake up.†Jacob’s eyes snapped open and he slowly sat up. His eyes were still blank and he just seemed to stare. Greg waved his hand in front of his face but didn’t get a response. He shook his head. “You’re a good actor Jacob, but cut it out and get dressed.â€Â

Jacob did as he was told. He pulled his shirt on backwards and it was inside out, and then pulled on his pants backwards. Greg raised a brow “Dress properly.†Jacob then put his shirt and pants in right. “Jacob…touch your nose.†He watched Jacob touch his nose. “Stand on one foot.†He watched Jacob balance on his left leg for a moment before he fell over. Greg pushed up his glasses. “I think there’s a problem here.â€Â

Collette awoke to find Adam wasn’t with her. She wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not. She stretched and slowly made her way to her dorm. Sissy was already up and was brushing her hair when Collette arrived.

“Well look who it is.†She put her hands on her hips. “I was hoping you weren’t coming back.â€Â

“Same here, but I need to change.†She walked over to her dresser.

“So how was your date last night?†Sissy smirked.

“How do you know about that?â€Â

“Collette my dear.†She flicked her hair over her shoulder. “He told everyone. So, how did it go?â€Â

“When you see him you’ll find out.†Collette pulled on her shirt and headed for the door.

“He told everyone he was going to get under your bra.†Collette stopped dead in her tracks and looked over her shoulder.

“He didn’t get that far.†She slammed the door as she left and headed to Jacob’s room. She knocked on the door and when it opened Greg dragged her in.

“You have to see this!â€Â

“See what?â€Â

“Jacob!†He pointed to him sat on the computer chair. “It’s so weird.â€Â

“What’s weird?â€Â

“He’s in some sort of unconscious yet conscious state, he’s highly suggestible.â€Â

“Really?†Collette walked over to Jacob. “Jacob, tell me how was the movie last night.â€Â

“Don’t know.†He replied slowly. “I was too busy making out with Sheryl to notice the movie.†Collette frowned.

“Yes, there’s something odd here…was he like this when he got back from his date?â€Â

“No it happened after.†He folded his arms. “It seems like he’s hypnotized, I read once that hypnotized people have an internal clock.â€Â

“So…they’re hypnotized…but it doesn’t take effect until a certain time?â€Â

He nodded. “That’s about right.â€Â

Collette sighed and snapped her fingers. Nothing happened. “C’mon zombie boy.†She took his hand and dragged him to the door. “I’ll sort this out Greg, you just go to class.†She dragged Jacob to Emma’s room and knocked on the door.

“Collette, what’s the matter?†Emma looked up at her.

“I need you for something Em.†She led the two into an empty classroom and sat Jacob down. “He’s hypnotized, don’t know how, don’t know when, but he won’t snap out of it. Can you do something about it?â€Â

“Hypnotized?†Emma raised a brow. “I guess I can try…†She rested her hands gently on the side of his head. She then shook her head. “It’s like there’s a barrier around his inner-self, I can’t get passed.â€Â

“Well…maybe I can. Can you take me in there with you?â€Â

“Sure.†She took Collette’s hand. Collette placed her free hand on the other side of Jacob’s head and closed her eyes. When she opened them again Emma was by her side in a dark abyss and in the middle of it was Jacob laying on his back.

“This is a guys mind? Wow, it is nothing but empty space.â€Â

“The barrier is here, its invisible.†She walked over and tapped it.

“So…you walked into it?†Collette smirked.

“It’s not funny.â€Â

“I’m not laughing am I?†She walked over to the barrier. “Explain how this works.â€Â

“I suppose…†She paused. “Your inner-self is like your spirit, it’s where you get all your emotions and free will from. If the spirit is blocked it can’t help the body react to things emotionally.â€Â

“And they become a zombie?â€Â

“In a lesser term, yes they become a zombie.â€Â

“Did Dr. Whitten teach you all that?â€Â

“Sure did.†She smiled. “That’s the same example he used.â€Â

“Ok then.†Collette placed her hand on the barrier and a large shockwave ran through it. It cracked all the way around and shattered. “That should do it.â€Â

Jacob blinked and his eyes met Collette’s. He moved his head away from her hand and looked around. “How did I get here?â€Â

“You were hypnotized.†Collette crossed her arms. “Do you remember anything?â€Â

“Erm…talking to Greg and that’s about it until now.â€Â

“Did you run into anyone on your way back with Sheryl?â€Â

“No, why?â€Â

“Can’t be the internal clock theory then…â€Â

“What internal clock theory?†Jacob looked at the pair.

“Doesn’t matter…†She turned her head away with a frown.

“There you are!†Sheryl poked her head into the room. “I’ve been looking for you, Jacob.†She skipped over and kissed him. Collette growled.

“Temper.†Emma looked up the telekinetic.

“What would I be angry at?â€Â

“Perhaps you’re jealous.†She whispered.

“Of them two? Yeah right.†She looked at the pair. “If you two are done eating each others faces, we can go to class.â€Â

“Alright.†Sheryl giggled. Collette shook her head and scratched her neck under the collar.

“I’ll walk you to class, Em.â€Â

“Feeling better today, Collette?†Adam smiled.

“A bit.†She mumbled and sat down, being the first one there. Jacob had disappeared with Sheryl.

“Good. The class looked empty without you.†He walked over to her. “Is something wrong?â€Â

“…Tired I guess.†She sighed.

“Collette…what you did last night with the lights…â€Â

“It has nothing to do with you.†She snapped. Adam blinked surprised.

“Very well. I’ll let you tell me when you’re ready.â€Â

“Hello gorgeous.†Caleb stepped into the classroom. Collette growled. There was no mark on his face anywhere.

“Come back for another crack have you?†Collette rose to her feet and stepped around the desk. Caleb smirked.

“Is that what you did? I thought it was a love tap.â€Â

“I’ll give you more than a love tap!†She lunged for him, only to be held back by Adam.

“Get out of my class, Caleb. I’m not having you winding up Collette.†His usual happy face turned into a frown and a glare. Caleb retreated and Adam kept a firm grip on Collette. “Now calm down.†He whispered in her ear.

“Let go of me!†She struggled to break free. Sparks from the collar flew all around her body.

“I’ll let go when you calm down.â€Â

She growled. She knew needed Emma to help her. Ever since she discovered her ability and had the collar attached to her, she’d found it harder to control her temper.

“How about I leave you alone in the room to calm down? I’ll go talk to Caleb.â€Â

“Fine.†She grunted and sat down when he released her. Adam stepped out of the room to find the hallway empty.

“He must have gone back to his dorm.†He sighed then smiled as Butch and Sissy walked by. “Butch, Sissy, I was hoping to see you.â€Â