The Power of Thought (Noetic Theory)

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    Noetic theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    For those of you who have read Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, I'm sure you can appreciate, understand at least the minimum of the idea of this theory.

    Basically what it comes down to is that thought has mass, though a very tiny amount of it, it still has mass. And everything that has mass has gravity as well, which can effect the physical world in which we live in.

    So the theory is that if one particular thought is being thought of by a group of people for a period of time, that same thought has greater mass, and therefore the effect on the physical world is greater.

    Take for example the stories that Hybrix has shared in regards to healing two of his friends, it was done by a group of people who shared the same thought of healing to a certain person for a period of time.

    Imagine what could happen if man was able to control the physical world with thought alone?
    The larger the group of people who had one thought in mind could effect the world according to their own will.

    Obviously such power will need to be learned to use to the maximum in order for it to work the best.

    What do you all think on the matter?

  2. Wade8813

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    I see nothing to suggest that thoughts have mass, or that such mass (if it exists) would be recognizable as anything other than the mass of my brain, or that thinking about a topic would cause different gravity compared to thinking about a different topic, or that gravity is sufficient to heal someone, etc.

    (For instance, if I think about healing someone, why would that create any different gravity than if I think about eating steak?)
  3. fractal

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    Even if it had mass, the little mass would produce little gravity, which would pale in comparison to larger forces. If this theory is true, it would be interesting. But I doubt it would have any worthwhile consequences like those outline in The Lost Symbol.
  4. PretzelCorps

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    Thought has mass regardless of this theory --> Even the internet has "mass", if you measure the number of electrons that are out there representing data and being exchanged.

    Even if thought comes down to nothing more than a minute electrical impulse or representation (the exchange of electrons, which weigh approx. 0.00000000000000000000000000091093826 grams each), it still technically has a mass.

    Fact of the day. :nod:
  5. fractal

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    Thoughts do not change the total mass, so I don't think you can associate thoughts with mass. If you view thoughts as movements of electrons, it's technically a rate. You cannot find out the mass of a rate, only the mass of a rate in a certain time interval.
  6. stevenfermi

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    E = mc^2. So technically any amount of energy has mass, and even if thoughts are nothing more than electrons moving between synapses, it still would technically have some mass.
  7. fractal

    fractal Eye see what you did ther

    But that's an equivalence. We can't use that equation to say that mass is an attribute of thought (if you view thought as energy). In another sense, you can't weigh energy unless you can convert it to mass.
  8. PretzelCorps

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    Actually, it's not a bad point --> Simply put, if E = mc^2, then m = E/(C^2).
  9. fractal

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    I didn't mean it in that way. What I meant to say is that the energy needs to be converted to mass if you're going to associate the energy with the mass. This conversion does not take place in the human mind, so you cannot use this point to trivialize the theory that thoughts might have mass, to thoughts must have mass.

    If you think along those lines, everything is either mass or energy right? But that doesn't mean you can view everything as mass just because there is a mathematical equivalence.

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