The Postive Pessimist


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All my life I've been what most would call "strange". I tend to think outside of the box and I have the most unorthodox thought patterns. For instance, I am in a tornado warning and all I can think of is how cool it will be if my house gets hit and I get the insurance money. (I'm insured for more than the house is worth.) That and I think tornados are just awesome. Some people find my logic to be perplexing, and some offensive.

What I want to know is, am I the only one who thinks this way? Or are there a few of you GF'ers out there that are just as crazy as me. If so, explain what makes you think the way you do.


The Instigator
I guess a couple of times I have wanted someone to hit my car for insurance money but other than that... I don't think I would want a tornado to hit my house. Haha. Maybe if it was insured for more than it's worth I would think differently! :)


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I thought you were a little nuts in chat, and I still do here :lol:

But maybe if it was something a little less extreme, like Jas mentioned with the car I'd be able to understand it. It's not something i'd look forward to though.


Sally Twit
I don't think that makes you crazy, I think it makes you interesting. You should be glad you're the type of person to think outside the box as it were.
I've never had those type of thoughts but I have had some weird thoughts out of nowhere. I always imagine different situations and how I'd handle them. One I thought of the other day when I was on the bus is how I'd get out if it crashed and landed on its side.
It's not like a phobia.. I wasn't scared of the bus crashing - I was just passing the time.