Sony The Playstation 3 Shines at E3



Well if you've seen any of the coverage at E3 then you pretty much have all the true info on it. The Playstation 3's spec are just awesome. This new gen system has features galor. The prices are just 100 bucks more than the 360 depending on the package you get. I'm glad that the exact price isn't extremely steep like the rumors have been. Also, thank god they have done something about the standard controller. NO Boomerangs. lol It based off the original design of the PS2 controller, but with more features which is just great. It's wireless which is obvious and it has motion sensors for t hose that love fighter pilot type games. The PS3 is a powerful system and I'd love to see their upcoming lineups. I'm glad that they are releasing it worldwide onthe same date. It makes it conveinient for all countries. lol I can't wait until I see what Sony has in store for us this year.


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Goddamn it. thats what a wanted from the ps3. the boomerang controler. Well still thats good price. and the graphics will be good right?


You want more steep than $600? That thing is crazy expensive XD.

I heard the $500 20gb version also has a couple features cut from it too, but I don't remember which. I'll be getting one no matter what the price is, but still, that's a lot of freakin' money.


Well the price it's a lot better than the rumors said it was. People were always saying based on it's technology it might range between $800 - $1,000. $500 is a hell of a lot better than that. I still believe it will be a force to be reckoned with.


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Bah. I say Sony have screwed up. Expensive no matter what system you get, and the cheaper version is lacking significant features. The new controller is missing the vibration and I beleve that quite a number of gamers will highly miss that. And as for the motion sensors, hah! Talk about stealing Nintendo's idea. Seems like they chucked that in at the last minute.


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Wii made the most impressive showing of E3. Period. I was actually quite disappointed with Sony. Unless it has some amazing titles that will convince me to actually wait the year it'll take to have that kind of money, I'm buying Wii.


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Sony failed at E3. The price is still high for most and the 6 degree diameter of motion sensitivity was an obvious last minute attempt to challenge the Wii and it failed. Sony didn't really show anything to make themselves stand-out other then their price.


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I'm picking one up because I'm terrible for wanting all the systems available...I like having a wide range of games to choose from and don't like limiting myself to just one or two consoles.