The pick for member of the month is a joke


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idk i was suprised he had 10 picks.. no offense vilky, he posts really good in the wrestling section... but, idk about elsewhere because i haven't seen in a while.. how do you become member of the month when you're not even a member for half the month?



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He was just the outstanding newbie at the time. I've never voted in the MotM polls (or at least I try not to). Maybe except for once. and that was for Swift I don't know how many months ago.


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I voted for Jeanie. But honestly, if Jeanie weren't in the ballot, I would have voted for vilky because at that time, all the other candidates were people I don't really know and haven't had much time to talk to in the boards so why vote for them? Vilky was really active the previous month before the nomination and it doesn't surprise me that he has made several friends who enjoyed his posts and therefore voted for him. Anyway his win wasn't as much as plenty voted for him (he just got one vote more than the 2nd placer, jeanie; swift split the votes, lol).
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Well any "election" where the person you vote for loses is going to leave a bad taste in your mouth.

I'm sure the people who voted for him, myself included (well sort of, it was a tie and I bowed out) don't mind that he won. He's been an active member and enough people thought he deserved the win.

He started 40 threads in the past month which have generated over 600 replies and it was even higher last month when he won.

I think it was a well deserved win. MOTM shouldn't be simply a popularity contest.


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Vilky is awesome. I voted for him because he is funny and nice to chat to. He makes a lot of threads that people always respond to and he's very active.
How can you act like such a jerk about it?

He must be doing something right if he won.