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Tutorial The Perfect Personal Philosophy


To follow in action what is perfect in thought is the greatest of blessings one can bestow on ones' self.

These are my Sagacious Precepts of Prudence
(As held, whole, and as written, a work in progress)

1: Superseding any other belief regarding any subject, it must first and foremost be held as true that it is what it is.
2: Failure is to the wise a teacher, and to the foolish a lifestyle choice.
3: A truly beneficial idea never goes out of style.
4: If something is worth knowing, it is worth sharing.
5: Etiquette is less than nothing if not born of respect.
6: Love is the highest form of respect, so one who disrespects you and claims to love you is a liar.
7: Owning ones' feelings involves taking responsibility for them. To some extent, you will always feel how you allow yourself to feel.
8: Misplaced sympathy is an opiate of the masses. Don't be an enabler.
9: Compassion may dictate that the time to shatter rose colored glasses be delayed, but greater compassion dictates that the delay be short.
10: Love is not an emotion, it is a choice inspired by an emotion and evidenced through action.
11: To blame for ones own actions or emotions is to boldly proclaim bondage.
12: Evaluate each statement on it's own merit, regardless of it's source. Wisdom can sometimes come from unlikely sources.

... More to come. :D

- Chameleon

P.S. Feel free to comment on my precepts or start your own personal philosophy thread. I'd be eager to read it. I reserve the right to borrow from like minded individuals. :cool:
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