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The Perfect Crime


Registered Member
Hypothetically -
*You have to commit a crime, without consequence of jail or anything at all... Which crime do you commit? Do you take advantage of the situation and do something big, or try to remain as innocent as possible by doing something really minor?
*On the flipside - What if you have to have 2 crimes committed against you? Which crimes do you reckon you'd be able to handle if you were the victim of them?

And in general discuss crime.
Particularly I'd like to see stuff related to crime and its presentation in the media and on the news. Do you perhaps reckon that a lot of general wariness of others (especially towards those that perhaps even look 'stereotypically' criminal) is caused by the news' continuous reporting of horrific events. I just kinda got an impression of - well - fear, in the 'do you lock your door' thread.

I mean. Do you consider crime to be rife?
Please answer those up there too, so I can get some idea of your criminality stance type jobaroo. I'll answer in a bit. --

And to finish I'm gonna post a lovely little video in which a cynical and hilarious man offers his view on 'Scary TV' of which a few points certainly centre around crime - Maybe he can illustrate my points better?
YouTube - Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe S1E3P1



4 legs good 2 legs bad
I'd like to say I would rob a bank, but stealing definitely isn't something that sits well with me. I don't believe in taking something that isn't rightfully yours. I can't say there are too many crimes I actually want to commit. Maybe smoking pot. I can get some enjoyment out of that without harming anyone. Either that or trespassing somewhere, like breaking into the CIA. That would be quite the adrenaline rush.

I can't think of any crimes I would want anyone to commit against me. Maybe breaking my car window or something that would be taken care of by insurance.


Sally Twit
I'd do something really small like graffiti I think. I would probably do it on my manager's property as he has been a total arse over the years.

As for a crime I would be able to handle against me.. Probably someone stealing my bank card as I don't have much money in my account anyway lol.


Registered Member
I probably could get away with a lot of crimes if I really wanted to. But I don't, so I'd pick something harmless. Maybe break one of those stupid laws that nobody enforces that every city has.

As far as crimes against me? I dunno, maybe a threat of violence or a simple assault - stuff that's really minor.