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AKA Ass-Bandit
I'm sure a number of you have heard the arguments towards trying to make video games an art form. You know, the "games are art" viewpoint. Well, this here is a game that does things a little differently. Instead of "games are art", this goes the route of "art as games".

It's called (if you can't read thread titles) "The Path", is created by Tale of Tales Games, and is described as a short horror game. So, what exactly is it about? Well, the game takes obvious inspiration from the Little Red Riding Hood story of old. Not the sunny, shiny, "everything turns out good in the end" version. The original, dark, "everything turns to shit" version.

So you can already see how this game is going to turn out. Here's a further look, in villanelle form (clicking will send you to image source).

So then, you take control of one of six sisters as their invisible mother sends them out one at a time to go to their grandmother's house in the woods. From the second you gain control of the character, you're told to "stay on the path", reason being that there are wolves in the woods that would do harm to the characters.

And from there, you're free to do as you wish. You're free to just go straight down the path to grandmother's house. However, the game doesn't truly "begin" until you start to explore off the beaten track. The game was made with accessibility in mind, there's literally nothing stopping you from running off into the woods and seeing what you can find. Unfortunately, exploring the woods ultimately leads the girls to their downfall.

Control system is simple enough, allowing for keyboard control, mouse control, or joypad control. Going with the keyboard, it's simply W to walk forward, shift to run, space to see what memories you've collected, and nothing to interact. Seriously, nothing, you just stop giving input and see what she does.

So, it's obviously not your typical "game", and as such it's not for everyone. But if you get into it, you'll find that it's completely open to interpretation and rather unique.

It's available to buy as a standard installer or over the Steam network for only $10. And if you're still not sure, there's also The Path - Prologue to give you a taste of the final product.