The Other Side


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So reading through the 'have you ever lied about your gender online' thread I saw afew people said they had to see how they got treated from the other side.

So this made me curious. How did you get treated from the other side and how did it differ from how you get treated as your usual gender. Share your stories here.


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I replied there but it was not really to find out about the other side. It was based on my assumption that I'll have it more peacefully over there. I just had a feeling I would get fewer people trying to flirt with me if they thought I was a dude. And I was right. It's probably because there are more men who are aggressively pursuing female strangers in chatrooms than women aggressively pursuing male strangers. I could spend more time in peace without having to deal with weird advances, as a male. At least at that time. I haven't been to complete stranger chatrooms for years.


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Funny... that was usually part of the funniest things we found out when we were playing the Gender game. When you roll in Yahoo Chats as a presumed Female....automatically you're badgered with interested males. And it doesnt take but a few well placed words and the next thing you know you're being propositioned for cyber sex.

As a guy.... well I've never tried going to a chat in that type of environment without some devious love game in mind :hah: So yeah, I only know the deep dark and scary fake-female side.


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I used to go into yahoo chat rooms posing as a girl all the time. It was absolutely hilarious the kinds of things people would say. And then the things they'd say once you told them you were actually a guy was even better. I used to get people so pissed off =P


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As a guy on IMVU (only place I lied about it) its the same as being a girl in normal chatrooms. A bunch of desperate for attention girls will crowd you and ask you all these stupid questions about yourself.