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PC Games The Original Unreal Tournament


Problematic Shitlord
I saw a thread for 2004, so I figured I'd start one for the game that started it all.

My friend's dad had a copy of this lying around and I couldn't help but ask to borrow it. I remember playing this years ago and now I find myself playing again. I'm getting pretty damn good at it, but I was wondering if anyone out there still played or even remembers it. I consider one of the best FPS's ever. How bout you?


I used to play it alot back in the day it was a fun game. I think I may put that game on my retro windows 98 machine when I get it done. :)


Unreal Tournament > All FPS

Hands down. Awesome gameplay for its time, let alone the music and sound effects were awesome. Spawned a new age of FPS and more to come. I was a little upset when UT2k4 didnt make into WCG06 (World Cyber Games 2006) international tournament for this coming summer. I was hoping on making my comeback after some setbacks from last year, so I didnt get to compete. But oh well. Always other games that are being used that Im going to particpate on.


We have this in the CAD lab at our school. Whenever we get done with our work in class we boot up UT and play some LowGrav Instagib CTF in Corret Facility. Fun times, especially since the entire lab is networked through a LAN (and extra fun when our teacher joins in).

The Realist

I loved the old school version of Unreal. Everytime my brother, my uncle and I get online, I make sure the rest of their dead bodies is dissolved by a mass flood of bullets. But I loved the head shots back then. You saw the head fly right off and land somewhere. That was my favorite part.

.... I need to play the old school just once more.


I downloaded a copy, around las year. I still play from time to time.
They're poeple online w/ the game too. lolz.