The Orange Box


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I can't believe that I've waited this long to play Half-Life 2. Holy fucking hell do I love that game. I bought the Orange Box for my 360 and haven't been dissappointed. I haven't tried out TF2 yet, but that's not why I got it. I finished Half Life 2 and Portal already, and both were simply amazing.

I'm going to wait a few days before starting Episode 1, but I'm already itching to play again. The gravity gun is easily the best gun I've ever used, especially near the end of the game. The rocket launcher is ridiculously fun, too.

The story is great, the sound could use some help, and the graphics are about what you'd expect from a three year old PC port.

So, what are your thoughts on the game. I don't' want to hear any PC/console arguments, this topic is about the greatness that is The Orange Box.


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Mmm, the Orange Box. Every game in that is a great game... and all five of them together is just fantastic. I fully love every game in that box so much I couldn't possibly pick a favorite.


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I never played half life 2 because I never beat the first one but I actually already had it for something else I got on steam a couple years back, so I need to sell that thing eventually or just give it away cause I have an extra copy of the game and I can in no way use it.

Team Fortress 2 is decent but it really didn't catch my attention the way I expected it to.

I love portal a lot, I am on the second to last level and can't figure out what to do though I need to get back into it after finishing my zelda quest.


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I have the Orange box. I had played the original port for the original xbox when it came out. I replayed HL2 and am currently on episode one.

This game is one of the few games I find comparable to halo. It needs a sweet multiplayer though...

I also didnt like any of the vehicles in HL2. I found them clunky, hard to use, and not very practical. Also ALL of the weapons are underpowered in that game except for the shot gun...which is extremely overpowered lol.

The gravity gun was fun but it lost it's dazzle even after the super upgrade in the last level which you also get in the first episode. I was just tired of using it. It also could be really useful and overpowered to terribly bad if you ever ran out of ammo and there was nothing to throw.

They need to improve the gun selection and variety. I love this package however team fortress is terrible but I bought the game for portal and the episodes not for the MP.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I agree with the vehicles being clunky and shitty to drive. The bike was a lot better thant he airboat, for sure.

I slightly disagree with you on the weapons. The pistol was useful for picking off headcrabs, same for the SMG. That was all they were useful for, though. I can't remember the name of the automatic gun that was next to the shotgun, but it was really good if you shot in bursts and aimed for the head. The crossbow is insane, and excellent for picking baddies off at long distance.