PSP The only reasons I would even consider wanting a PSP


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Mega Man - Maverick Hunter
Mega Man - Powered UP

Oh why do they have to be on PSP only?


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Because it makes people buy a PSP, like you just said it is the only reason you would buy one. :) If it was for other systems as well, they they wouldn't sell as many PSP's. :D


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If thats the only reason danitude, you must be a Nintendo fan, because the PSP can be used for internet surfing, online gaming, any pictures (jpeg, what have you) video and music, basically your own personal computer with all the crap you don't need thrown out. you can even put digital comics on it. i might look into this in te future. i see my PSP as a gaming/computer device tailor fit to me.
I would really enjoy a PSP for the reasons stated by unreal, but just like the old Gameboys I've had I don't think I'd use it much and it'd get broken by my irresponsible siblings or lost or what not. However I have been thinking very hard about getting one when the price drops again! I think they are a cool piece of equip.!