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The Only One For Me



“The Only One For Meâ€Â-English Sonnet

Oh Clark if only you could save me,

and like the song by Remy Zero, be my warm embrace.
I don’t love Lex and I want you to see
the love I would give to you. But I am left to face

that there is something you’re hiding and I wish
you could trust me no matter what. I love
you and I will say it over and over. You’re the fish
that caught my eye and I tried to fly like a dove.

Clark, there is no one else for me and I won’t
give up. One day you won’t be afraid to say
those three words once more. I really don’t
mind waiting because I truly believe that love has a way

of bringing and keeping us together.
I, Lana, will always be waiting, now and forever.

I am not really one for poetry but in my creative writing class we are currently in our poetry unit. It has been fun and interesting writing all these different poems. And this one comes from my despising Lex Luther and for Lana falling in love with him. Really upsetting, I feel that Lana really does still have feelings for Clark but Clark Fails to be honest with her. He ends up being with Lois anyways. Oh well.