The Onion - Girl Probably Raped


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Missing Girl Probably Raped | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

I love the Onion, I think it's an awesome laugh all the time. However, this video caught my attention because it seems to me that this could pass as actual news.

Are we as a society really this much obsessed with violence that we let stuff like this make the news? What I mean is, yes (let's say it's a real story) it's horrifying to lose a child and it's helpful to get the word out, but does this fake newscast strike you as possibly a real broadcast? To me, it looks like other stories I've seen.


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It looks so real..It almost had me until they started speculating theory's to the viewers and asking her parents if they would feel better knowing their daughter was wrapped up in plastic and dumped in a lake.

There a few dead give aways that this is fake.. The reporter talking about her being raped to death, and not having any facts or proof is a dead give away in my book.

Isn't the onion grand, great for a fun read and interesting videos to boot too.
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They are a damn laugh this video just bugged me a bit because of how similar it is to a typical newscast. Obviously real news reports are much more subtle in their delivery, but I think it's frighteningly similar.


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It's fake, reporters and anchor poeple aren't that blunt.


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We know, Pugz, the onion is known for doing that. It's just Constantine was pointing out how it was freakishly close to how news is here in the States.


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I can def see what Cons is saying. News casters seem to like to exxagerate or always think the worst cause it draws in more ratings. Obviously this example is done to the extreme, but I can see similarities. It gives a glimpse of the types of stories society puts value on. It seems the more horrific or violent, the more people care about it and want to hear about it.


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That's not really funny though, considering how often something like that happens.

The story itself is not meant to be funny, Pugz. I said it's amusing how close to actual news casting the story is. The news media over here loves violence, sex, and disgusting. So a story like this is meant to be a play on that infatuation on disturbing things.