The Offspring - Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace


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Well it's been five years since The Offspring have put out an album (not including the greatest hits). I was quite curious to see what these five years may have done to the bands style and sound. Firstly I don't like the title of the album, I think its because it bears too much of a resemblance to the recent Foo Fighters album but thats nit picking.

I've listened to the first half of the album and nothing is really jumping out at me. It seems like they havn't really altered their style much over time. Don't get me wrong it doesn't sound terrible but it just sounds... well the same I suppose. If you like the other stuff they've done its definitely worth a listen. I can't see this making them any new fans though. Perhaps all the gold is in the second half of the album... time will tell.


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I dled the album haven't listen to it. I have always been on the fence for The Offspring.

I enjoyed Americana and some of Smash but to be honest that is about it.

I thought Splinter was a weak ablum and their Greatest Hits just had the song "Can't Repeat" on it which was new. Ironically it sounded identical to every other song they did.

I have always found The Offspring the overlooked younger brothers of Green Day. They both came about the same time and got the punk scene going. They garnered a lot of attention both at the time.

The problem is Green Day changed their style acquired new fans and are superstars. The Offspring fizzled.


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Offspring are a good band and have very good CDs that you can listen all the way through. Smash, Ixnay on Hombre, Americana, Conspiracy of One. After that it sucked, and the newest CD sucks balls.. tbh I only heard 3 random song but they sucked so bad I decided to stop finding their new songs.


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It's true it does sound just like their other records. But I really like it. Good lyrics.
I saw them live at download festival last weekend and then got the album the following monday and at first I was just thinking I was listening to an old offspring record. But Ive listened to it a few times and its very catchy.