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The offishul random youtube music video competition (ORYMVC)-thread

And the winner is...?

  • Gus Black - Rollercoaster

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  • Tenet - Krótki

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  • Contrast the Water - Soldier's Lament

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  • Roberto Alagna - Carrettieri

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  • Lost Inside - Hearts will grow heavy

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  • Raytem & Soultonic - GhostBastards

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  • Watermelon Slim and the Workers - Rattlesnake

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Registered Member
What's this all about?

On Flyhour.tv you can randomly select a youtube video to play. The first 8 music videos I found I posted here, regardless of quality, genre, year of production, language, etc. (The name of the artist and song has to be visible though).
And then it's up to GF to choose which one is the best. :)

It's a great way to discover new music and get in touch with bands and artists you never heard before.

So off we go, I'll post a follow up thread if enough people dig the idea.

In this 1st thread we have:
Gus Black - Rollercoaster
(US Singer songwriter)
Gus Black - Rollercoaster - YouTube

Tenet - Krótki
(Poland - Rap)
Tenet- Krótki track- YouTube

Contrast the Water - Soldier's Lament
(South Africa - Death Metal)
Soldier's Lament (2) -- Contrast the Water | Perseverance- YouTube

Roberto Alagna - Carrettieri
(France/Italy - Tenor)
PALMI - Roberto ALAGNA. Carrettieri. by Giuseppe INFANTINO.wmv - YouTube

Lost Inside - Hearts will grow heavy
(US - Black Metal)
Lost Inside - Hearts Will Grow Heavy - YouTube

Raytem & Soultonic - GhostBastards
(? - Drum and Bass?)
Raytem & Soultonic _ GhostBastards - YouTube

Watermelon Slim and the Workers - Rattlesnake
(US - Blues)
Rattlesnake - Watermelon Slim - YouTube

Falco - Mutter, Der Mann mitt dem Koks ist da
(Austria - Techno?)
Falco Mutter, Der Mann Mit Dem Koks Ist Da - YouTube
I went for the off-beat Falco song myself :)

Gus Black is nice and Watermelon Slim is pretty funky as well, but nothing beats good ol' Falco :D
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Registered Member
I would vote for Gus Black or Lost Inside. I will google both of those and look for them at youtube and Lastfm.


Awesome. Good idea though. Maybe a few less songs in the round next time. It takes a long time to listen to so many songs.