The Official Thread: Football for Dummies


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Ok I know this is going to sound really dumb but here it goes.

I've been wanting to play football a really long time, but I have like absolutely no idea how to play or the positions or anything. I bet I could probably keep up and play with the game, I just don't know anything. It would be much appreciated if the people with a greater football knowledge to just give a couple of basics or whatever they can add.



Undead Intellectual
Hoosier Daddy said:
What kind of football are we talking about?

Full pads?




Two hand touch?

What position would you like to play?

Full pads, it's a high school team.

I don't know what positions are so I don't really know what I would be good at.
If you want to play but are not sure what you would be good at, you could always go talk to the coach. Tell him you're interested and ask him if he has any recomendations on position. Ask if he could take some time to have you do some drills and determine your strenghts.

If you post some of your physical attributes (height, weight, rough speed, realtive strenght, ect.) It would be easier for people to give you reccomendations.


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I'm 5'8", 230 pounds. That's all I really know.

PLUS: I've been looking up some positions and stuff online, I would like to play on the offensive team, but I'm not really sure what position would fit me best.


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You're not 5'8 pal, I'm 5'8, you have to be around 5'10