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The Official Folk Thread


Registered Member
So, because Jeanie made a Blues thread, I thought I'd make a Folk thread.

There are many many artists under the Folk genre, so post some of your favourites!

A few of mine of the moment would probably be Old Crow Medicine Show, the Avett Brothers, The Acorn, Ohbijou, The Great Lake Swimmers, etc.

So, mostly Canadian bands as I've gotten to know them at the many festivals we have around here.

My favourite of the moment would be the Avett Brothers' November Blue:

YouTube - November Blue


Mark ov teh Pond
I feel like this thread was made for me. Well,

I pretty much freakin' love every sub genre of folk. Except Acid folk. There are very few folk artists from the '70s I like. I enjoy Sunforest, and the soundtrack to The Wicker Man. As that soundtrack (Paul Giovanni) is one of the most inspirational folk albums to date.

I mostly listen to psych, indie and neofolk. Some of my psych artists include the popular Finnish trio of girls; Islaja, Lau Nau, & Kuupuu. Indie include Sea Wolf, Iron & Wine, and tons of others. A lot of you may not be familiar with neofolk, it rose to popular in the early '90s through post-industrial music circles. It has all sorts of elements in it. I searched for some of my favourite songs on Youtube and they didn't have. Well, except this:

YouTube - Neun Welten - Valg

That there is neofolk in its most purest form, purely instrumental. I also listen to folk metal, but I'll go over that another time.