The Official FC Myspace *Now up!*


Aw, Here It Goes!
Just had an idea, what if FC had a myspace would that lure more people to join the site or make them think that this is an odd forum. What do you think good advertising or bad excuse to make a MySpace.


For a Free Scotland
If anything we should have an FC group. But that's an interesting idea. If people put it in their Top 8/12/whatever, it would be free publicity.


Jungle Jim

Vincent_Valentine said:
I don't think we are collectively emo enough to have our own Myspace account....
I know....but what if we offered free blades to everyone who joins the site through myspace?

any publicity is good publicity, I heard that somewhere

truper krit09

Haha Free Blades. How about "Free Spray on skin so your parents don't see your cutts" haha.


Ms. Malone
Do you mind not dissing the emos please, they're not all bad.

I've got a myspace account, nicely dressed up with Galactik Football ^_^

Anyway..i like the idea ^_^


AKA Ass-Bandit
It's just like dissing other types of people Pugz - for example, not all chavs are bad, but we still take the piss out of them anyway.

Anyway, I don't think MySpace is such a good place to advertise a forum, I see it more useful for bands and amature movie makers (currently checking Mighty Morphin' Emo Rangers and Chavbusters)