TV The Office Season Six In Two Weeks


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So season six of The Office is set to debut in two weeks tomorrow. Anyone else excited for the shows return?

Jim and Pam will ultimately tie their love together obviously. I am sure Michael will continue with the dumb antics :)

Cannot wait. Been so long :mad:


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Hum i thought the 5th season would be the last. It was so anti-climatic, in the last episode i was like "thats it??"

But its always good to see Jim, Pam and Dwight again ^^


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I'm looking forward to it. I hope they don't continue the trend of major plot changes and then going right back to normal after some bad writing though. (i.e. Michael quitting, starting the Michael Scott Paper Company and then a week later being regional manager again at DM. That kind of writing is just stupid if you ask me).

If they don't get their acts together this season I doubt the show will last. If it starts off how the last 5 or so episodes were in season 5 then I wouldn't be surprised if the show ends mid season for good.


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I'm always excited for some Office. On another note, when my family visited, my little nephew broke my Dwight bobblehead doll. Popped his head right off. :(