The Northern Lights


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Have you ever witnessed the Northern Lights?

The most spectacular display I ever saw was about 5 -6 years ago here in Scotland, it was said to be the most spectacular in living history. Their was not a cloud in the sky, you could get a sense of just how high the Earths aptmospher really is, and as far as the eye could see, it showed the shape of the dome, so in a way, it felt like we were inside a collossal building, and the colours and shapes were... well.... just out of this World.

This video reminded me of it:
YouTube - Native American Meditation-The Northern Lights


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I have, but not at that intensity. I was at the 45th parallel, so they weren't colored, just shimmery across the sky. still pretty damn cool.


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I would love to see them,the colours are amazing.
It is one thing that i would like to see with my own eyes before i die,so hopefully i have a good forty odd years left to witness them!