The Nigeria Email


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Alright if you haven't heard about the nigeria email then obviously this thread isn't for you but I'm sure that a large portion of the members here have heard about it.

The Nigeria email is an obvious scam that basically tells you a situation that somebody is in (though they are most likely not really in that situation they explain) and they need your help to get their money into the U.S. or they are trapped and need to borrow your bank account, uh huh sure.:rolleyes: BUT THAT'S NOT ALL you will also get 10% of their hundreds of millions of dollars. right sure I believe you there...:rolleyes:

Has anybody received the Nigeria Email or anything very similar to it?

Personally I have never actually received it but I have heard about it again and again from friends who have received it.

Don't respond to any email you receive from Nigeria.:shocked:
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I get those emails all the time and I hate it! I was tempted to write them back and ask them why don't you just give the money to their next of kin.
They did a special on this on either Dateline and it was pretty intriguing. I couldn't believe the number of people to fall victim to this scam. You would think that common sense would tell you to research everything possible before giving your money to something like this. And, even better yet, don't give your money to anybody you don't know. Only donate your money to charities that you did research on.
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Yeah, some wealthy guy died and for some reason I impacted his life and he wanted me to have some of it. The people will respond to you, but they don't work at the banks they tell you they do, I called the bank. And what they do, is they will mail you a check for let's say 3,000. You cash it at your bank and send them 1500 of it, and you keep the other half. But they do a stopped payment and your stuck to pay for it all.


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I wonder if someone has tried to scam them in that they take the check and say they will give them their half after it has cleared fully in their bank, say like a month. And then see what happens. Can it still be on a stop payment?

My boss actually got 2 of those letters but they were real, came through the mail and I was dumbfounded that it had gotten to that point and just forwarded it on to the FBI. They have a website up where you can send information.


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There are some people who enjoy bating these 419 scammers into thinking they're getting lots of lovely dosh, but screw them over at the last minute.

Welcome to the 419 Eater

My faves are the ones who manage to get money out of the scammers.