Nintendo The Next Mario Game?


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Is anybody else hoping the next Mario game feels more like Mario 64? I want a TRUE sequel to Mario 64. Give us the castle again, simpler levels and an overall fun environment. I REALLY don't want to see a space themed Mario game ever again. Honestly I'm not sure what IGN was thinking when they rated Mario Galaxy.

If Nintendo would essentially remake Mario 64 as the next Mario game, it could potentially be the best game ever made (assume it was better than Mario 64). Take the castle theme again and let players jump through pictures to get to levels. Make the castle about twice as big with a whole outer courtyard to explore and let players interact with various characters that wander around the castle. Make some of the stars impossibly hard and bring back the core formula of Mario 64 that worked so well.

Man I really hope the next Mario game is a true sequel to Mario 64. Sadly I suspect that instead we'll just get hit with another generic flashing light fest.


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I didn't get to play Mario Galaxy, but it didn't seem like a true sequel to Mario 64. Mario Sunshine was a major bust. I don't really think they need to remake Mario 64, but they definitely should get back to the basics instead of making everything flashy and gimmicky.
That's what I was hoping when they made Paper Mario (Super Mario RPG 2). I wanted a Super Mario RPG-like game, but instead, they totally revamped it. It was like what they did with the Jak series; the first one was a great action/adventure game, then they made Jak 2 which was like Grand Theft Auto. It wasn't really my type of game, I suppose.

I dunno why game companies do this type of stuff. :\
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Mario Galaxy was a good sequel just the story was a bit lacking. I think similar control and graphics with a better overall game scheme should do just fine.


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I definitely want the next Mario game to be more like Mario 64, sure Mario Galaxy was fun but there are a few ridiculous points in that game, first off the Luma's are sort of retarded I don't know why they would add them into the game they could have thought of something better I'm sure I mean come on it's Nintendo. Another thing that really annoyed me was the fact that a lot of the game you were flying through the air changing to a different part of the level.

Last off, what happened to 100 coins? I know that they added in purple coins but I think that's ridiculous, it's more fun to have to explore the level and collect 100 coins rather than collect 100 purple coins that are in really easy to find places.

What I'd like to see in the next mario game is the castle returning and they do it similar to Super Mario style with good music, awesome foes, and levels that you can learn your way around easily.