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The next big Thing for Humans


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I am re-watching Apollo 13. For those of you who do not know of this it is the story of three astronauts whose mission was to go to the Moon. Due to complications this does not happen and the race is on to get them home.

For a long time the Space Race was a huge deal. Humans landed on the moon. Humans built the International Space Station and right now there are still probes going around space discovering un explored locations and new suns and planets are being discovered. Manned space craft however is in decline and from what I have read space exploration is not at the top of anyone’s list, this is fair, there are much bigger problems right now.

Other great achievements have been made. The Concord, The Channel Tunnel (I know it is basically just a train but I still think a train going through a tunnel under water is impressive) and in terms of transport many car manufacturers have created cars that have changed the way we think of them.

I still see things that are changing that are impressive. VR is quite a large leap right now though 3D seems to be on the decline. Some engineers have developed hoverboards (not the fake ones based on Segway’s) that do genuinely work but in a limited capacity.

What do you see as the next big thing from humans? It does not have to be limited to science, What do you see happening in the near future that could make huge leaps and changes?


I don't think humans have a choice honestly, the next big thing HAS to be environmental preservation, or we are pretty much all doomed. We can't live and function healthily as a species on a dying planet, but if we don't change our ways and fast then we are moving closer and closer towards that.

When you really look into it, it's a bleak outlook, but there are some positives. Most young people care more about the environment now than ever before. And it's not just some greenie "tree-hugger" movement, we care about it out of fear. We've realised how fucked we are moving forward and we know that if we don't make a lot of changes now we are essentially screwed.

The people who destroyed the world will all die out of old age, and the younger people who care about it will hopefully bring it back from the brink. Things like, more people adapting a vegan diet, renewable energy, more ways to cut down on plastic use, inventions like solar powered footpaths and roadways. More greener cities, new city designs with a lot more plant life and nature in it etc. We are seeing some of these things in their infancy already, and many others already well underway. This is pretty much the most important thing now for the future of the human race.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Robots will probably be the next big thing. They will most likely infect every aspect of our lives. Someday, maybe sooner than you think, they may even be the cop that is giving you a ticket, the doctor that is operating on you or the soldier that is going off to war. They will be the ones harvesting our food or cooking and serving it to us in restaurants. May not be a lot of jobs left for people.


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Power storage. Batteries are a dead end. Powercells or something will take their place. Cheap power will really change things.
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