Movies The next Batman villain? (Contains TDK Spoilers)


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If there is another Christopher Nolan Batman movie who would you like to see as the main villain?

This thread could contain TDK spoilers so be warned.

Also please use Spoiler tags when necessary.

I for one do not want to see another Joker so soon. I loved Heath's version and I think doing another Joker so soon would put a damper on his performance. I don't have any specific villain in mind.

If Two Face isn't in fact dead as TDK implies then he could make a good villain for a 3rd movie. Who knows though. They might go for multiple villains again like in this one.

List of The Batman villains - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Penguin should NEVER be allowed again. Danny did a fantastic job portraying the Penguin. Same goes for Catwoman... even though she wouldn't be a MAIN villain it would suck if somebody else *cough* Hallie Berry *cough*

I'd say...
Mr. Freeze. From the currently technology it's time Mr. Freeze finally got a shot.
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hmmm I would say maybe multiple smaller villains and one big villain:
small villains: Killer croc and maybe scarecrow again
Main villain: Riddler? or maybe bane (not the stupid bane they had in batman and robin the normal bane) or maybe poision ivy or hugo strange lol
No way. NO NO NO NO. NO Mr. Freeze, I'm sorry. They have done an outstanding job of selecting villans that portrayed violence and psychological damage. Villans like Mr. Freeze, Bane and Poison Ivy have been absolutely destroyed by the old movies. The only villan that had any tiny spot of true psychological effect was the Riddler. I want to continue seeing the darker side of gotham, not just the mob side where crap blows up.

They could pull it off, I have no doubt, but I want to see a Riddle above a Bane or Mr. Freeze. Riddler and Joker and even Scarecrow are so much more believable. The entire effort of these movies was to make Batman more realsitic. They'll lose that touch horribly with some of these other bad guys.

And don't even mention Cat Woman.
As I was looking at some of the Batman villains, one that stood out that might be able to work is Black_Mask. It doesn't seem too out there, and it could show the power swinging back to the mob. I think they could possibly incorporate Cat Woman into there, and make her true to the comic version, in that she switches sides based on what benefits her most.

The Riddler would work with the more realistic feel, but he seems too 'tame' compared to the crazy ruthlessness that is the Joker and even the Scarecrow.


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If they have the joker in the next movie then I would like to see Harley Quinn by the Joker's side.

Two face would be a great villain in the next movie as well.

I don't want to see the penguin guy, meh, but the Riddler would be pretty cool.

here is a list of all of the batman villains, I had no idea that there were so many.
List of Batman Family enemies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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I for one do not want to see another Joker so soon.
i agree. think they should leave the joker alone, perhaps portrey him to be in prison or something, and focus on someone like two face, the scarecrow, or the riddler. i would choose the riddler because we havent seen him at all in the first 2 movies.
I think the Riddler probably has the best chance of following up well after the joker. He just seems the most likely to be able to orchestrate mass destruction. Kind of as a foil to the Joker's anarchic methods, it'd be meticulously detailed and planed out.


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I'm debating with myself over whether or not Johnny Depp would make a good Riddler. I think he would. He would have nailed the Joker but the Riddler is right up his ally as well.