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The next 10 years of gaming evolution


New Member
insteas of coming up with the same comments, please everyone try to give good suggestions....what i mean is like:

a) Action can be made more immersive : I am a small game developer and i know why most of the sword-fights and similiar action stuff look unreal .....How much ever we increase the graphics, it will always remain unrealistic , WHY ?
Just think like a game developer and ask yourself , how can we incorporate real-life action with 2 buttons ? There's always a limit.......
This is reflected in almost every ascept of gaming and is the primary limitation when we try to map Real-life to games.....

IDEAS like WIIMOTE are the only right steps which can save gaming in the far-future.


The Rock is cooking atm..
Hopefully the gaming generations in general, gets better, as it has in this generation, just look at the Wii, and how far graphics has gotten.

Cheers to the next gen :D