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The New Name Game...


New Member
i'd sell my name for a few thousand dollars, i hate my name, and never knew my dad ... so why shouldnt i change it lol

are people actually getting paid to do this??? :lol:


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
$2,2550.00 WoW this one is really starting to get up there..Good luck man...Gonna have to keep my peepers on this one.. :lol:


Registered Member
GoldenPalace should start a clan/army of people with GoldenPalace.com as there names I am betting they could get a crap load.



Secret Agent
Staff member
Golden Palace recently renamed a woman to GoldenPalace.com as her name for $15,000. I wouldn't change my name for a million dollars personally.


Registered Member
I wouldnt want my name to be "GoldenPalace"... I guess she could go as GP for short or "goldie" but I think it could get old... fast

I dont think I could rename myself something for advertising, but then again, 1million is alot of reasons to change my mind