The New Generation: Anarchist or Sheep

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    My generation, to me, seems unfit to carry on the legacy of America, for those in power have relied on education to teach students the art of diplomacy, to which education has failed to do so. In school, one learns the basics of history, philosophy, political science, ect, but when it comes to diplomacy, the art remains unlearned.

    Currently, the status of America appears good on the front, but don’t judge a book by its cover. When I try to talk to my fellow students about the status of America, I find I am merely talking to a closet-anarchist, a soon to be dictator, or worst-of-all a comedic mirage of a person. No one I talk to believes in the war, nor does anyone know what to do about it. In addition, when I bring value into the picture, I find students are a mirror image of their oppressors or they simply have nothing to say. For nowadays, students feign to oppress, or they feign to rebel, both of which are put into submission by the strains of education, or the power of the ruling class. When it comes to revolution, people are awestruck, showing lack of faith.

    Why is there such a lack of value and faith, and why have students become either slaves to the oppressor or unfit heirs to the ruling class? Is it because of the way administration has treated its own states? We have either been left alone or beaten down by the extreme measures of the police force, for those in power have too much to worry about to tend to their own citizen. Considering the cumbersome agenda of the government, people of my generation have been subjected to the guise of Tyranny in America.

    The majority is the minority. People that comprise the government are labeled the “majority” however, compensating for the rest of America; I find they are of a minority. Therefore, we are living under the powers of an oligarchy. Thus the younger generation, to whom is hurt most by this, is in trouble, for no one has taken us under their wing, for everyone is enslaved by the capitalist world, or too busy with their own selfish ambitions.

    Part of the problem is students nowadays have too much to learn… It is hard to keep in touch with politics, for truth is distorted, in order to promote patriotism. Also, considering the speed at which we are living, it is too burdensome to learn history all while attempting to gain a comprehension of the truth within present time politics. People are being overloaded with information in schools, and have no time to speculate upon the status of their country, or whether they are being subjected by tyranny. Everyone simply accepts the way it is, even if they don’t like it. New philosophy is not appreciated, for it is impossible to earn a living off of philosophy. Plans of action are shunned, for those that have a plan, usually stray from grade-school, and thus are left with no credibility. Therefore, with this in mind, the sheep are conformed by the ruling class as unfit heirs, and the leaders are exiled from society.

    Parents rely on medication to solve problems, when in reality they are creating addictions. I was put on Adderall when I was younger, and now, I’ll probably be on it for the rest of my life. I deserve compensation for the addiction that they (the doctors) created, but my values prevent me from suing them. People don’t realize that a lot of psychiatry is wrong. Anxiety pills are often unnecessary. ADD is widely misdiagnosed. And as for other disorders, they are usually created to conform society, puling ones radical views into the middle spectrum. Many people diagnosed are merely just victims of the lack of heart involved in a technologically run lifestyle, for as a result of technology, people are alienated from each other. As for ADD, there are just so many distractions that everyone has problems concentrating. The problem is, older generations just don’t understand their kids, for there is a generation gap. We are not the problem because we don’t want to work; capitalism is the problem for making work our only way to survive. I’ve written papers that deserve to be accredited, but as a result of the capitalist world, they were just hopeless rants. If you failed to notice these problems, just look around. People are calling in threats to postpone finals time, some of which, as seen in the VA incident, actually advance on these threats. The fact of the matter is my generation is not happy. We are enslaved by the capitalist world. We have to learn ample, overwhelming information despite our country living at such a fast pace. One who is right brain oriented should not have to learn biology, if in fact he is great at English. This requirement of a well rounded education is retarding the movement of giants in our time, creating an age of conformity, in an area of individuality.

    I refuse to become a victim of capitalism, the machine, for in a better world, societies will give everyone the essentials to survive. In such a world, people will be more eager to work, for they will feel better about their lives, thus the world will be more functional. Communism must combat excessive capitalism, as integration of church and state must combat political polarization. If people were given the essentials to survive, people would be more ambitious and level headed, thus contributing more to their nation. If church was placed back into authority, than a lot of the corruption in the government would be left out in the open.

    Another problem with out country is that unlicensed commerce is illegal. As some realize, commerce brings people together when done outside of the market atmosphere. The question is what can be sold on the streets, without risking increased theft and violence. The answer to the question is Marijuana. Marijuana is the perfect substance for commerce outside of the market, as it, in itself, alleviates tension.

    I am also concerned with minimum wage. I feel as though I’m the first of my generation to legitimately speak out against the diverging dichotomy of the rich and the poor. Rap has been doing this rebelliously since its birth, but BIGBROTHER silenced them with control of the radio. Considering I am in a position to be heard, I will not avert from the poverty stricken, for I know how it is. Minimum wage should be no less than fifteen dollars an hour, at the least. Think about it… Our country is like a beautiful third world country and if something doesn’t happen soon we are going to be in worse shape then we are now. I will martyr myself to these beliefs if I have too, maybe then, that will spark the Revolution. It is time for a change, and not a single elect has suggested any of the changes I have suggested, for they don’t see as they have not lived that life. I’m not speaking out to get a reaction; I’m speaking out to reach people, so that, together, we save our country from a foreseeable downfall. Our country can prevent this and I have been prudent enough to point out suggestive solutions, so I plea for the peoples’ support. Many men preach equality, but few strive for equality. Raising minimum wage will compensate for inflation, plus merge the dichotomy of the rich and poor. Once this happens there will be less hostility amongst the poor and thus violence in our country will go down. Many people will bring up the argument that the economy can’t handle such change. Well, I say, it is too late to worry about the economy. People seem to be forgetting that money is just paper and they print more every day. Nonetheless, even with the economic argument, there is a solution. If we spend less money on electronic surveillance, paid entertainers less, and spent less on the folly-inspired war, then we could easily raise minimum wage. Change can be done, it just takes cooperation. If we continue that attitude that raising minimum wage is hopeless, then we are going to be left alone. If Jesus came back and suggested change, would “they” rebuke his ideas as well? Why must we always revert to such hopelessly capitalistic mentalities? Are we waiting for some sort of illusionary miracle? Why can’t we see practical miracles, like causing the blind to see, which implies changing ones persona to a more ecclesiastical outlook, with less emphasis on the economy and medication? Capitalism is the “big apple”… Don’t eat it, help merge the dichotomy.

    While on a poetic rant, I will help explain society in the classic oceanic way. To walk on water is to rise above society. Sharks are capitalist, fish are mercenaries. Those who walk on water are those who are immortal and real. They are the ones that fish for the helpless humans, saving them. They are the ones that sharks can’t penetrate. Don’t let the shark eat you; look at the “big picture,” with teamwork, we can save the fish and ground the sharks. The thing is, if we all had my outlook, then a lot of the problems out there would have already been resolved. To change society, change must be preached throughout the media, than maybe, people would agree to help, and at that point, maybe the government will comply. If this were to happen, we would quickly solve the enigma of life, defeating death. Don’t look at me as a poet; see my words for what they are. Don’t try to kill me by rationalizing my views, let me save you by changing yours. Debt is just a word… I don’t understand why we can’t be become more human. If we worked together, we could create heaven on earth, it just takes a reformation of human nature. Open your minds and stop thinking like textbooks. Saying that we must comply with the way it is; is basically abdicating ones crown to the machine. There is a prominence of depression nowadays higher than ever before. The real world can and must be changed, the ignorant can and must be enlightened, and all it takes if for the ruling class to find their hearts. The more people who think this way, the closer we will be to achieving this fantasy. Simply ten people, if they were deliberate enough and if they were in the right positions could initiate such a change. The odd thing is the ruling class would be happier if such a drastic change took place, they just don’t realize it.

    Integrating church and state, raising minimum wage, giving everyone the essentials to survive, and having a more positive outlook in the media, are the answers that will bridge the generation gap. But senility has barricaded this bridge, thus the American people are witnessing a regressive state, in other words, devolution. If the government would avoid the complexities of their political jargon, the answer would be clear to them as well. Unfortunately, because of historical examples in which prove otherwise, although being in different times, involving different scenarios, these suggestions, will be left untried. The thing is, we live in a world where people are shoved into submission by words, and thus children are wiser than their parents. Then the kids grow older, they read more, they listen more, and the next thing is; they are drones in which live according to what “they” say, sleeping at 11:00, only to wake up at 8:00 and go to work, to which all week, they look forward to the weekend, where they can practice the small ounce of liberty they have.

    Don’t think I am trying to fulfill a dream to rule, that is not the case. I am one of the Kings men, one of Gods’ Children, and leadership, not dictatorship, is in my blood. I only suggest that people adhere to my leadership prior to the day that the Brotherhood is secured. The way I see it is, leadership is a responsibility in which thrives towards Brotherhood, a fantasy. Together, we can make this fantasy a reality.

    Zachary Scott McBride

    IRISHONE21 --------------------The Egalitarian Aristocracy of Kingsville--------------------------------ZSM

    Please send all comments or support to either my email or my MYSPACE.
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    It's generally not a good idea to post one's full name on an online forum.
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    You seem to be ignoring that capitalism, in most if not all cases, gives people the best and fairest oppurtunity to survive in then communism ever has.

    Of course not everyone is given the exact same chance of success, but then no such perfect system exists, but communism is much farther from perfect then capitalism is.

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