The New D-X Should there be............

Questions for everybody here:

1) Should D-X get new members?

2) Should D-X get the tag team titles?

3) Should Shawn Micheals be less childish?

I think:

1) No.... fine as is.

2) Yes... might help the tag team Division.

3) Not sure.
1) Yes and no. Yes because if they keep it at just Shawn and HHH, then it's too blatant that they are just trying to get back the old fans that have since stoped watching by re-introducing something familiar. No becaue if they put someone that doesn't fit in, then it will ruin it.

2) No. If they do, they will be further making a pathetic attempt to remind everyone of days passed.

3) Meh. If they do, they will need to get someone to act just as childish. They are trying to appeal to children afterall as well.


Sultan of Swat
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Yes I think Shane O Mac should join DX because he's hilarious
Yes they should be the Tag Team champions, just because they would be better then the spirit squad
I think he's fine the way he is.