TV The new cartoons suck..


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Hi all.

Is it me or have most of the cartoons on Saturday mornings and weekday afternoons started to suck.

The story lines are poor and the artwork has gone backwards, with all the advances in cartooning and graphic arts, one would only think that they would get better...Not worse.

I mean the images and plot are for 2 yr olds not the bigger kids. Most of the cartoons have gone back to flat 2-D..Witch sucks cause shows I used to watch as a kid broke away from that mold and I hate to see the old HB and loony tunes art come back.

But is it me or have they gone backwards and gotten even stupider?
Are they running out of good ideas now?

Hell I would love to see the old cartoons come back on than watch anymore of this plain crappy 2-D low brow stuff that they have out now.

And what the hell is it with all the cutsie crappy art they use in cartoons too!

So what are your thoughts?


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I'm having "Ducktails" withdrawal here. Now that's when Saturday cartoons were cool. I loved that show. Same goes for a few other Disney shows at the time.

Now everything looks like Power Puff Girl spinoffs.


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To be honest I do not remember many saturday cartoons nothing of note comes to mind. I remember TMNT, Ghostbusters, Beast Wars,

Watch anime instead it's just better.


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This thread is now about 90's morning shows.

PepperAnn anyone?
Beast Wars
DarkWing Duck
Mighty Morphing Power Rangers
The original Pokemon

They were all good. And now everything is either a spin off of it, or the show is still on but it's been on for so long that it's just played out. And kids are getting dumber due to all the tele they watch and the animators know it. So they don't give two shits about the quality of the shows so much as just pumping as much shit episodes as they can.


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Darkwing Duck. Nice.

And yeah now Spongebob is the most popular cartoon on TV... how?... I mean, HOW?

Seriously, how is that possible? I've seen the show and well, I don't really feel like thinking up a cleverly ironic/burn description of it. But yeah. It's terrible.


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I watch BOOMERANG for my Old School Cartoon fix and Toon Disney for TALESPIN. That keeps me happy. Anything else I start to miss I just pick up on DVD. I'm talking about classic stuff like HERCULOIDS, SPACE GHOST, JONNY QUEST, SPEED RACER, BIRDMAN (the real Birdman, not that Harvey Birdman crap) and 8TH MAN

I do like stuff like BOONDOCKS, HOME MOVIES, CODENAME: KIDS NEXT DOOR. I've tried to watch CN's anime programming but I can't figure that stuff out to save my life. Anything more complicated than COWBOY BEBOP, TRIGUN, SAMURAI CHAMPLOO or BIG O goes right over my head.


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I was a big fan of the early 90's cartoons but now...I would rather watch HSC than another crappy poke mon or Yu gi oh ripoff..And don't even get me started on the power puff girls crap...

Then there the crappy shows that they have out now that are so lame in plot and art work..

I realize that Saturday morning cartoons are a mass marketing ploy but can't they make something good? And when they do it's only on for one season and they kill it for the crappy cheap budget stuff.

Viva piñatas! There is a good example of what i'm talking about..Hell even the new spider man SuCkS!

They either make them Flat 2-D or they make them polygoned in shape..What the hell is that all about?

Yes animes are better but they aren't for kids under 13..I have been an Anime fan since way before Anime took the US by storm..But it's not for the little kids.


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I fuckn loved Afternoon cartoons and saturday mornings on the TV.. Now i dont watch it anymore because;
a) i dont have the channells i used to since i dont own cable
b) even if i did, like you mentioned most cartoons are.. well boring, Period
c) everything is from Japan.

Idk about you guys but I hate cartoons from Japan, idk how they got popular in north america. Then Americans complain that they're in a recession.. well then stop buying that DBZ shit from the Japs and bring back Doug, Rugrats, Darkwing Duck.. DAMN bring back a good Saturday morning show with the likes of Even Stevens, it dont have to be cartoonish, LOL.

well the only thing from japan i liked was the old dragonball.. and even that bored me soon enough


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Hi all.

Is it me or have most of the cartoons on Saturday mornings and weekday afternoons started to suck.
Maybe we all just grew up, I mean I used to love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but when I watched an old episode a few days ago it was awful. Poor animation (dull colours) and terrible plot devices. Now don't get me wrong the ninja turtles have had much more of an impact on my life than Jesus and will always have a place in my heart but maybe we just don't get saturday morning cartoons anymore. Once you reach a certain age your time is kind of over.
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Yes the old toons we grew up aren't as colorful and such but that was the 80's-90's norm..

Now we get crap like viva piñatas and such.. Bring back M.A.S.K and the other 80's shows, yes they were cheesy but that was the point back then..

I have 3 boys and i have always enjoyed watching cartoons with then but now with my youngest the toons flat out suck!

I am so tired of the cutsie mindless dribble out there..Give us our action cartoons back.

G.I Joe, Transformers, Exo squad, The New Johny Quest and even the computerized shows like Max Steel and action man were better than this dribble they try to pass off as cartoons.

And why the hell are all the shows a carbon copy of the power puffs art work? It sucked then and it still sucks now..

Give us some good toons!