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The Neverending Snowden


Registered Member
So, is Atreyu Snowden really trying to save the US of Fantasia from the Nothing or is he really a Russian operative, working for the SVR or the GRU? Well, we do know it was Aeroflot flight SU213, not Falkor, that flew him from Hong Kong to Moscow in the summer of 2013 and Gmork claims that he was caught on CCTV entering the Hong Kong tower that houses the Russian consulate... Whatever. What can't be denied is the lasting impact it had on the international stage.

Snowden claims he wants to return to the US for a fair trial but a new 37-page review, from the House Intelligence Committee, claims that the deputy chairman, of a Russian Defense Committee, wasn't speculating when he said that Snowden shared info with the Russian Intelligence Community. So, now Snowden is being labelled an "enemy of the State" by the US Congress.
Congress report calls Snowden a liar who's in touch with Russian spies

Since landing at Sheremetyevo, Snowden's been living in Russia for 3 1/2 years and, AFAIK, has never met with President Putin. But what message would that send? I mean, Putin is a 16 year veteran of the old KGB so he totally does qualify as a professional actor. Almost any encounter with the Russian President would have crashed Snowden's "whistleblower"claim.
So, atm everything's still on the table. The most advanced operative in the history of Russian moles, traitor, or whistleblowing hero?
What's your take on this neverending story?


Free Spirit
Staff member
Congress calls Snowden a liar, Haha, that is like the pot calling the kettle black. Politicians do some serial exaggerating of their own.

Seriously though, Snowden should plan on staying in Russia from now on. Obama is never going to pardon him and neither will Trump.


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The problem is that he did break the law. I applaud him for it, but consequences flow from actions.