Sony The Net Yaroze


AKA Ass-Bandit
So who's heard of this?

The Net Yaroze was the PlayStation's development kit released in 1997 to allow hobbyist game programmers to develop for the PlayStation. For about $750, you'd get a special black debugging PS complete with documentation, software and region lockout removed. Of course, the kit wasn't exactly the full professional dev kit, so many of the advanced features weren't put in. But it did turn out to be popular, with many games being placed on the disks bundled with the Official PlayStation Magazine.

Unfortunately the PS2 never had a direct successor from Sony, and nothing's been done for the PS3. However, both have versions of Linux that allow game development, and the PS2 demo disk has a program called Yabasic, allowing users to program games in the BASIC programming language.

Now I really want one...I can expect them to be even more expensive now though...