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TV The need for variety in comedy


Registered Member
It seems like, at least in television in the States, that so many comedy shows follow the sitcom formula. It doesn't seem like there's very much in comedy besides the classic following of family/group of friends in everyday life in supposedly funny situations. There's the rare sketch comedy show, but those usually aren't very good. There doesn't seem to be much variety there. Comedy Central has made some changes that are good, but I demand more from other channels, too.

Another genre I'd like to see more of on our airwaves is foreign comedy. And don't tell me to turn to the Gordon Ramsay Chan- I mean, BBC America. They don't even pretend to bother with comedy anymore. And I know the English can't possibly be the only people with a funny bone, either. I'd love a world comedy channel, but I guess it's just a crazy fantasy. But a girl can dream, right?


Haters gonna hate.
Comedy Central has enough variety for me. I like The Daily Show and I also like Crank Yankers, which is a completely large difference.