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The Mystery of Double Stuf Oreos


Registered Member
Dan Anderson, a New York teacher who specializes in math and crushing dreams, calculated the creme content of regular, Double Stuf and Mega Stuf Oreos and found that Nabisco has been having a good laugh at us all these years.
I'll admit, the Double Stuf Oreo cookies taste delicious, but here is something that they say about the project. This is also my first time hearing about Mega Stuf Oreos.

Double Stuf Oreos do not have twice the creme of regular Oreos


Free Spirit
Staff member
This really doesn't surprise me but I think its false advertizement and they shouldn't be allowed to say that. It should be stopped just like it was when some restaurant's use to call their shakes milk shakes when there really wasn't that much milk in them.

Never heard of a mega stuff Oreo.