The Mystery Car????

Hey guys, I am still here. Thanks for all your support and welcoming me to this forum. It looks like the other mystery car auction got the axe too, the one with the yellow corvette pic. I hopefully will show up on Ebay pulse soon and hope that Ebay won't keick me off again. I have 288 watchers right now and the bid is up to $8100. Please keep watching and tell everyone about it.


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mnsswift : Hi. I'm glad to see your auction is going up . Good luck. I'll be watching this one to see how high it goes :lol: .
Hey all, this is the seller of the Mystery Sports Car (the one with that annoying picture of the yellow corvette ;)). I wanted everyone to know the location of my new listing as well, it's item # 4541830802 and is located in the eBay motors section. Mnsswift: I love your auction and appreciate the inspiration. Good luck!


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I find it amazing how people will bid on a Mystery auction for anything..., or should I say......nothing?

Sometimes I wonder if it's just the copywriting that does it! Definitely good copywriting is a must for these auctions! That's one reason why Andrew's auctions do so well.

There is usually more copy than most other sites, but reading it becomes entertaining....

Fun to read, fun to watch. It's really about how much energy and "buzz" you can create, I think.

I say thumbs up to Andrew's copywriting skills!

Congrats on the site as well Andrew. Great idea!

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Hey guys, The auction is almost over :( I can not wait to see what the "Mystery Snow Covered Car" goes for?? This has been one of the funniest things that I have ever done. I want to thank Andrew and his great site for all the help and inspiration for this auction and I will use this knowledge to try and come up with more crazy auctions.

As of right now, there has been 17892 views, 1027 watchers, and 35 bids with the "mystery car" @ $10,002.00. WOW!!!!

Hopefully the bidding will kick of the last hours of the auction! Any ideas?

Please ask me any questions that you may have and if anyone wants new pics of the snow melted, just send me a message.

Please keep watching/bidding. Thanks, Michael (mnsswift)